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Head over to our main Netmums site to find a wealth of information. There is everything form local places to go and events, recipes and meal planners, craft and activity ideas, competitions, support and a coffeehouse where you can chat to other mums.

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  1. Vivien ray says:

    Dear Team, I read about your dream jars with interest. I have practised transformative dreamwork for many years, based on the work of Maggie Peters who has written a book of that name. Working in this way we don’t ever offer an “interpretation” of another person’s dream, but support each dreamer to explore the meaning and the feeling of the dream for themselves and to take the story or the image further by drawing, writing or visualising the dream to understand it better.
    One person might go back to a scary dream and recognise the monster as a strong, but unrecognised part of themselves, while another might imagine a helper to protect them from that fearful image.
    I run informal groups, one to one sessions and day long workshops on this theme.

  2. Vivien ray says:

    no i am from Herefordshire and i am in the process of rebuilding my website at the moment.

  3. Happy to see this community of bloggers – I started my blog 3 months ago and always interested in gaining new parenting perspectives.

  4. sue mcentire says:

    Wats happening to our children….with these paedophile sites on the internet… the news today..

  5. Jules says:

    Hi everyone!
    I’m a single mum to two gorgeous children and I’ve just discovered a fabulous opportunity to work from home and spend more time with my children.

    This has been an absolute godsend to me and I love it! If anyone would be interested in hearing more about this opportunity I’d love to hear from you!

  6. Wendy says:

    Hi everyone. What’s ppl thoughts of the lose 14lbs in a week diet.

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