Join team Netmums Run!

If the idea of a fitter, healthier you by Christmas is tempting you to sign up for the Netmums Run but you just need that final bit of support, then read on…

When it comes to health and fitness, we’re not ones to simply talk the talk, rest assured we’ll be walking the walk too. We’ve put together our own virtual Netmums Run team, who will be with you every step of the way on the Couch to 5k programme.

Our six volunteers are busy mums with endless to-do lists, but they’ve all made a pledge to fit this plan into their hectic lives.

They’ve dusted off their trainers and will be warming up alongside you, ready to take on 5k parkruns around the country on Saturday 5 December 2015. Our ladies have downloaded the Netmums Run app, stuck their training schedules on their fridges and are raring to go.

“I want to re-find me and find a healthier, fitter mummy again.”

Each week our virtual team will be sharing their highs and lows with you, so you can be sure that there are other mums just like you going through the same thing. And you’ll all get through it together.

So, let’s meet the six members of Team Netmums Run and find out why they signed up.

Mum of two, Donna Heaton, will be running the Clifton parkrun in Rotherham.

Donna says, “I’m staring 40 in the face and have been promising myself I would get fit for over a year now but never quite managed it. I’ve given up on running plans in the past but I’m really hoping that the support of Team Netmums Run helps me push through the plateau.

“My daughter has promised to run with me at least twice a week too. She’s calling herself my coach, and as she’s a lot better at running than me, I’m taking all the help I can get!”

Jenny Lewis, also a mum of two, is running the Lee on Solent parkrun in Hampshire.

“I’ve never enjoyed exercise and always used to watch people jogging and wish I could do what they did,” says Jenny. “Last year, however, I did complete the Netmums Couch to 5k – and I managed to get through the 10-mile Great South Run. I wasn’t fast but it was a great achievement.

“Unfortunately, after the run, the old habits crept back in and I put on a stone. I’m 40 at the end of this year and want to lose a bit of weight but more importantly, get fit. My aim is to hit 40 fit and healthy, so watch this space!”

“This time, I’m determined to get there!”

Nicola Douglas, a mum of one, is running in Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.

“I decided a couple of years ago I wanted to be able to do a 5K run and I’ve started a few programmes but never completed one,” admits Nicola.

“For one reason or another (going on holiday, too hot, too cold, basically any excuse) I’ve given up on them half way through. This time, though, I’m determined to get there!”

Claire Smith has two children and is running in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

Claire says, “I wanted to sign up for this as I always seem to be the mum sitting watching on the sidelines while my kids and husband do active things together. I am overweight, but more importantly, very unfit.

“I really wanted something simple that I could afford to do and fitted round my lifestyle. My running experience is nothing more than running for a bus, so this is going to be a big change and challenge for me!”

“I really wanted something simple that I could afford to do and fitted round my lifestyle.”

Mum to two boys, Tracey Barber, is running in Parke, Devon.

Tracey says, “My weight over the years has been up and down like a yo-yo, which has left me feeling pretty fed up. My wardrobe ranges from size 10 to a generous size 16 so my wish is to get to a realistic size 14 and recycle / throw out the rest!

“I’m 43, and about six years ago I could run seven miles but now I am well and truly rusty. I signed up to this challenge to get me back on track so please join me on this journey – it would be great to have your company!”

Lauren Lamberton has three children under the age of seven and will do the parkrun in Queens, Belfast.

“Before having children I was reasonably fit and healthy, however many complicated pregnancies later it’s no longer the case.

“I want to re-find me and find a healthier and fitter mummy once again. I’m excited (though a little scared) about this opportunity to get some motivation and support to begin running once again.”

Ready to run?

Have our team left you feeling inspired to give running a try? Then download our fab Netmums Run app, which gives you brilliant rewards to keep you motivated. And don’t forget to come back next Friday and find out how Team Netmums Run got on with their first week of training.

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