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Blog of the Week – The Dream Stealers

This weeks Blog of the Week is by The Last Degree who writes beautifully about the challenge of keeping hold of your dreams and how sometimes ‘well-meaning’ people can cause you to let go of them. Whether your dreams are … Continue reading

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A Thank-you from Camila and Kids Company

The staff and children of Kids Company were so deeply touched by the support we received from Netmums and all the people who voted for the donation of £100,000 to Kids Company. 97% of children and young people who come … Continue reading

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Blog of the week – Knock on your neighbour’s door

A number of us here at Netmums spotted this blog post during the week by Shanni Leigh and it really touched a nerve with us. We couldn’t help but share it with you and we would absolutely love to hear your … Continue reading

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Blog of the Week – Mental Health Awareness Week

Today’s Blog of the week features new blogger Diary of a First Time Mum. All this week she is highlighting Mental Health Awareness Week and her ‘Day 1’ post really brought home to us how doing something good not only helps … Continue reading

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Savvy second hand queens

Last week it was ‘Choose Charity Shops’ week and Netmums has been buzzing with discussions about how much we do or don’t like bargain hunting and buying ‘pre-loved’ clothes, toys and gifts.  So many admitted they loved nothing more than … Continue reading

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Blog of the Week: ‘I am Fabulous’

Tara Cain over at Sticky Fingers has done it again. She’s put her finger on something very small but very profound about us Mums – that we find it extraordinarily hard to say out loud that we are good at … Continue reading

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United Kindmums – Not Even a Bag of Sugar

Today’s guest blog post is from Kylie who blogs at Not Even A Bag of Sugar, a blog all about parenting premature babies. She talks about the kindness shared between other mums of premature babies at a time when it … Continue reading

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