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5 Responses to Blog of the Week

  1. I am a foster carer who specialises in children under two years of age. I have moved on eleven of my 22 babies to adopitve parents (or Guardians the children didn’t know) and all of these have been successful. Some of the children have been a similar age to Bonzo. In more recent years the new parents make up a book of photos of them, their homes, bedrooms and pets etc for the child to look at before they meet the child and these have been very beneficial to the child in recognising their new Mummy and Daddy. We look over and over the books with the children and talk about Mummy and Daddy a lot for the couple of weeks before they meet. To see the look of amazment of the books coming alive when they meet is incredible. It really does make a difference to the planned move which are similar to what this lady experienced, and often done in 5 days. Any longer and the children get upset and confused at attaching to someone new and detaching from the carers. But I also think a big difference between Bonzo and my children is that I have cared for my babies from 6 months old at the latest and they have not suffered from having lots of homes. Quite often my babies come to me straight from hospital at 3 days old. Indeed I have not known of such a young child having so many moves in the town in which I live.

  2. Linda says:

    I agree with you Lisa, Foster Carers do a brilliant job and its a very rewarding but challenging career. There are lots of websites on the internet that have impartial information on how to foster…I’d check those out first or you could contact your local authority for advice.

  3. lizzie says:

    Hi i was reading on here about people who have claimed dla for there children and was wondering if anyone has recently put a claim in and how long it takes for a reply thanls

  4. hakima says:

    Hi, my duaghter is due to start high school after the summer,so this is the stressful time of filling up the application forms,the problem is the school she wants to go to is not in our catchment area,she wants to be with all her friends in the same high school,she been friends with them since she was at nursery,i know its going to hard for her if she doesnt get her first choice of school, but at least I’ll try for her, please any ideas of how to put the request to the council in letter & how to word the letter so that she has a chance to be in the same school as he friends,thank a million

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