Blog of the Week: What makes a good mum?


‘Am I a good mum?’ It’s a question most of us regularly ask ourselves.

Jocelyn at The Reading Residence is no exception – but she has come up with a great new way to deal with it.

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It’s something that I often wonder. I cannot believe I’m the only one plagued with never-ending mum guilt and worries that I’m getting it wrong. I think I’m doing OK one moment, and then something happens and I’m back to questioning myself again. Am I too strict, am I too easy on them? Am I giving them enough of my attention, am I giving them enough time to themselves to feel confident without having me hovering? Am I exposing them to enough experiences and activities, am I tiring them out, not concentrating enough on one thing at a time?

And probably most importantly, do they feel loved, safe and secure. I think this one’s a biggie, as I really believe it sets them up for a happy childhood and to be self assured little people. So instead of wondering any more, I asked. I asked my 5 year old daughter if she thinks I’m a good mum (she said yes, but there may be bias there), and so I asked her to write down five things about me that makes me a good mummy…

what makes a good mum

A translation for you:

1. Kisses
2. Hugs
3. Write me letters
4. She loves me
5. You take me to the playground

So there you have it. The guide to being a good mum, from the best judge of all.

I will try not to agonise over the big parenting decisions, and concentrate on giving out more hugs and kisses. I feel so happy that she knows she is loved and I do like that she picked out my little notes and cards to her as special, and I always knew the way to her heart was a trip to the playground!

So if you’re ever doubting yourself, just ask your children how you’re doing. I suspect you’re doing better than you think.

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