Your dancing can change the world

Netmums are delighted to be hosting a guest post from Penny Alexander today. Here she talks about her Comic Relief experience in Kenya and how you can get involved by dancing for Red Nose Day.


When was the last time you danced? I mean really danced, allowed yourself to get lost in music and moving and letting the world slip away?

Mine was two weeks ago at a project for street children in Kenya. Hovic is a centre funded by Comic Relief, which I visited as a volunteer blogger for Comic Relief. it gives street children food, shelter and a chance to be children in safety. They might have had unimaginably tough lives, but they have so much life and ambition and they weren’t going to take no for an answer.

I loved my time with these children and will never forget dancing with them. They made me realise how much I miss dancing. The best bit is, there is a way to keep helping Comic Relief support the UK and the world’s most vulnerable people, and it involves dancing.


The Red Nose Day Danceathon takes place at Wembley on Sunday 8th March, 12-6pm . It will be live streamed too, so you can participate at Wembley or at home. Why not get a group of friends together for an afternoon of dancing in London, or in your living room, leisure centre, church hall dance school, pub?

The dance style and teacher will be changing every 30 minutes. 50’s jive, 60’s swing, 70’s disco, 80’s anthems, Street dance, Latin, Hip-hop, Bollywood and West End Musicals. Shimmying stars will take to the stage to keep fundraisers’ spirits high, dance feet moving and pounds pouring in for Red Nose Day.

Team Honk have 500 places at the Red Nose Day danceathon, we are a team made up mainly of Mums who all met online, through social media, blogging and tweeting. We would love to invite Netmums’ readers to join Team Honk to raise money for Red Nose Day.

We even have a couple of stragglers, who you may recognise, on Team Honk, they have even invented a special move for us!

There is a Twitter party Friday 6th February at 1pm. Just follow the hashtag #teamhonkdanceathon. We will be answering any questions and signing up new recruits. 

You can book a place at Wembley, join Team Honk’s giving page or find out how to #honkfromhome, here You can contact us here

When did you last dance? When did you last get a chance to change the world by dancing?

Penny blogs at She has volunteered for the last three years for Comic Relief, sharing updates of the #lastingchange your donations to Red Nose Day make, raising awareness and funds. To date have raised £40,000.

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