Top 10 Tips For Surviving Potty Training

Blog_of_the_week_badgeSteel yourselves for our Blog of the Week this week – Ideas4Dads is talking potty training – and it could get messy…

Here he offers us his Top 10 tips for surviving potty training – do you have any more to add?



‘I think the time has come to initiate ‘Operation Potty Training’ with Dumpling’ High Command mentioned in passing as I suddenly had a flashback to our experiences first time round with Poppet and ‘That poo in our bed’ incident……


In the mix – Potty Training

So the time had come.

There was no more delaying the inevitable.

Operation Potty Training needed to happen with our middle daughter Dumpling. We’ll have it done and dusted in a couple of days High Command said!!!

Granted in our experience first time round with Poppet it pretty much went to plan but it’s still hard work. And pretty disheartening to watch what would normally be so magically contained in a nappy wreak havoc in the house.

So after nailing Operation Potty Training for the second time here are my Top 10 Tips for navigating through the chocolatey minefield of potty training:

– Purchase an array of potties, preferably one for each room, so that you are never more than 10 feet away from one to whisk under your beloved’s bare backside as soon aa they look like they are about to mark their territory

– Caveat to the above…..make sure you don’t make that fatal mistake of buying different coloured potties as they WILL demand, at that last crucial moment, that they in fact want the red one and merrily run off to find it as they leave a gushing trail of pee in their wake!!

– Clear your diary so that you don’t have to go anywhere during the Operation and if possible plan to do whilst the weather is nice so the garden can take the brunt of the urine/faeces onslaught because let’s be honest scrubbing pee out of the carpet is one of the less glamorous sides to parenting!!!

Image: Netmums

Image: Netmums . This is what potty training will NOT look like

– Avoid kiddy undercrackers with characters emblazoned on them – its just the kind thing to do because it will be their favourite pair that is taken out beyond repair by THAT poo and you will be accused of ruining their life even though it was not you who laid the damned thing in the first place!

– Beware what looks like mud under your finger nails, especially if you bite your nails. Chances are it will be poo that you have acquired through your potty training escapades and no matter what people say even your offspring’s poop tastes like shit!!!

– Regularly check behind doors/curtains/sofas/tables for a random turd – the worst thing is when you find a fossilised turd 3-months after the Operation

Image: Netmums

Image: Netmums

– When going to the toilet yourself at home, approach the toilet as carefully as if you are a bomb disposal technician. It is not uncommon for a rogue toddler poop to have been innocently half dropped on the rim because they just could’nt quite reach the seat – these can make a hell of a mess when sat on by an unsuspecting parent

– If you own a dog just accept the inevitible that they view Toddle Turds as a special delicacy and WILL eat at least one misplaced poopbulldog

– Slippers indoors are a good idea for all concerned – these offer great protection against standing on a randomly laid rogue poop somewhere in the house…..and let’s be honest feeling a squidgy poo squelch through your toes is something that no parent should experience in their life ;-)

– And finally spare a thought for the poor toddler who has to go through the phase of accepting that something really that brown and monstorous can come out of their backside…….

What are your top tips for potty training?

What’s been your funniest potty training fail?

*Disclaimer: I apologise for the photo below but this was Dumplings first poop in her potty and boy isn’t it a ripper ;-)*


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