Blog of the Week: Can you see to read this? #seethemiracle

Blog_of_the_week_badgeOur Blog of the Week this week is one that asks us to stop for a moment to consider some of the things we take for granted. It’s a pertinent reminder from Mary at Keynko of how lucky we really are.

Plus it also gives us the opportunity to help out those who aren’t so fortunate. So please, take just a moment to read on and #seethemiracle for yourself at 1.30pm today.


How lucky we are to be able to read these words!

How lucky that if we had a problem with our sight that our wonderful (if struggling) NHS will be there to help us out.

How lucky that we are never far from medical assistance or surgery if we need it.

Can you imagine how many people there are in the world who aren’t that lucky.

When badger was struggling with his vision and diagnosed with a cataract at just 37 he was offered surgery and within 2 months his vision was back to normal. No more struggling to read his favourite novels, back to his beloved painting and gaming.

My father has a cataract in one eye and although it doesn’t yet affect his vision, it won’t be long before it does. And he will go to our local hospital and within 48 hours have his sight back. He won’t miss out on his great granddaughter growing up, he will have his independence and continue to enjoy his life.

Malawi has only 1 eye surgeon for every 4.25 million people. How long do they have to wait ? How long before they can return to a normal life?

A Million Miracles, Sightsavers, Malawi

Sightsavers have a new drive, to raise £30 million by 2018 to give 1 million people ion the poorest parts of the world the same chances as we have! You heard me right, 1 million people – you see that’s all it costs to return someone sight – Just £30.

In our terms what’s that, an evening out, a new pair of shoes, or maybe a new hair do? Such little things, that we could so easily do without.

Want to see what a difference it makes?… for real?…… well join Sightavers on 8th October for live surgery (don’t worry no icky bits!) and then again on the 9th October when the bandages come off Mr Winsei. Join him for the first sight of his grandson Luca.

Just a few minutes of your time and maybe a small donation – to change someone’s life for the better! Not much to ask is it?

Follow the hashtag #seethemiracle

Join the sightsavers Facbook page

And consider giving new light to someone darkened life!


The UK government is supporting A Million Miracles so, until 31st December, all UK donations are being matched. This means a £30 donation to fund a cataract operation actually saves the sight of two people at no extra cost to the supporter! Sightsavers are using #UKAid and @DFID_UK to talk about it.

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  1. thank you so much! please please do join in and watch the live stream at lunch time!

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