Blog of the Week: Little Worlds

Blog_of_the_week_badgeOur Blog of the Week this week is a beautiful post from Lynn at Making Clay.

She shows perfectly how our little ones construct their own little worlds within ours – and why that’s so important – even if it does mess up the living room!


There is no point in trying to have a tidy house when you have little people. Fortunately I’m not renowned for my abilities with a duster and my house is the exact opposite of minimalist. Once you’ve reached a certain level of domestic chaos, it fails to make any impact. From 7pm onwards, once the littles are in bed, there is a little more calm. But be it in the house or garden, during the day I’m going to find little worlds have been built in the strangest of places.

Like this.

Pirate ship with animal passengers and fairy wands

Pirate ship with animal passengers and fairy wands


Farm animal union meeting

Farm animal union meeting


Silver paper swan nest with slug and threatening hippo (and obligatory princesses)

And this.

Umm ….No. Me neither.

I turn around these days and find another example of imagination, of free play, of the ability to shut out the conversation that I’m having with their big sister about biology, and immerse themselves in a world entirely of their own making.And this.

And I can’t help but feel that most of the adult population would be a whole lot happier if only they’d stop vegging out in front of the media, stayed with the silence and let their own imagination take flight once in a while. You really want to get that part of your brain working again. It can move mountains.


What kind of little worlds have you found in your home created by your little ones?

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