School’s Out!

Blog_of_the_week_badgeHooray! School’s out for the summer!

Anyone feeling a bit like this at the moment?!

Sussex Mama covers all bases in her Blog of the Week this week – School’s Out!


schools out

No more lunch boxes.

No more spellings.

No more school trips.

No more homework.

No more uniform.

No more last minutes drop-off’s.

No more last minute pick -ups.

No after-school clubs.

No after-school tantrums.

No bickering with friends.

No playground antics – adults included.

No neat hair.

No clean finger nails.

No more times-tables.

No more reading of deathly-dull-boring-yawn-making books.

No P.E.

No more working off sheets of paper.

No sitting cross-legged for hours.

No more assembly.

No prayers.

No rules, OK some rules.

No more maths.

No tests.

……and no more frigging cake sales!

hello summer**************************************************************************************************************

Find pages packed with ideas for summer fun over on Netmums

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6 Responses to School’s Out!

  1. Julia says:

    No more “mum I need xxxxx today” messages at 8.30am!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Not terribly impressed with the swear word referring to cake sales 😦

  3. Jane says:

    Only the “Mum I need X now for cub camp” ones!

  4. marina says:

    im glad no more mummy can i go so sos house today haha

  5. rene says:

    no more waking up to rush for the 9a.m bell

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