Blog of the Week: Why?? The parenting edition.

Blog_of_the_week_badgeHas your child’s constant cry of ‘Why?’ driven you to distraction? Will they run out of questions before you run out of answers? Well maybe it’s time for us to take a break and start asking them some questions of our own. Stressy Mummy captures it perfectly in our Blog of the Week this week.

And really – Why IS going to bed so awful?!


Over the years, I have been asked many ‘why’ questions and now it is my turn;


Why can’t you put your rubbish in the bin or your dirty washing in the basket?

Why can you not find things that YOU moved or put away?

Why can’t you put their shoes on properly and wear them like slippers or with the tongue wrapped around your toes?

Why do I have to drag you out of bed on school days yet on weekends and holidays you always wake up early and full of the joys?

Why do you insist on throwing your bags and coats on the floor when we have perfectly good hooks for them?

why sweets

Why can you never come off a computer game at the first, second or third time of asking?

Why will you not wear a coat even when it is pouring with rain or freezing cold?

Why do you not understand that you have to put the item in the bag at the self scan checkout or the scanner won’t work?

Why can you not get through a whole day without spilling something down your clothes?

Why is brushing your teeth such a big deal?

Why is it so awful going to bed?

Why can you not see that footballs against windows is never going to end well?

Why does homework have to be done on a Sunday?

Why can you not hear anything I say unless I mention the word computer or chocolate?

Why is a quiet voice to you, a loud shout to me?

Why are you never full?

Why are you never tired?

Why is the thought of trying something new to eat so terrible?

Why is taunting your brother or sister such a fun game?

Why are you always sick in the middle of the night?why woman

Why do you have to leave your toys where I will trip over them or stand of them?

Why do you always want to eat the one thing that we don’t have in the house?

Why do you refuse to go to the toilet before we leave the house and then desperately need to go when there are no toilets within a ten mile radius?

Why do you leave it until the night before to tell that you have a dress up day/ project to do/model to build for school?

Why do you always come in with muddy shoes just after I have cleaned?

Why can you not understand very simple requests?

Why are bodily functions the cause of such hilarity?

Why do your minutes last several hours?

And why is it that I am decades older than you but you always know better than me?


The answers to these and many more questions would be very welcomed.


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1 Response to Blog of the Week: Why?? The parenting edition.

  1. This is wonderful! Such brilliant questions. Why didn’t I think of them? 😉 Brilliant Nikki, just brilliant. X

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