How to do finger knitting – Plus win a copy of Boycraft

boycraftToday we are sharing a gorgeous craft from the new book ‘Boycraft’. Finger knitting is so easy to learn and is a brilliant craft for both boys and girls. You can make cool scarves, bracelets and headbands. All you need are your fingers and some wool. Although this craft idea is aimed at boys and girls we also love it too – why not try your hand at it as well?

We also have 3 copies of the book ‘Boycraft; to giveaway. Scroll down to find out how to enter.

finger knit photo final shot


It night sound complicated but follow these steps carefully to start finger knitting. Once you’ve got the hang of it – it’s easy peasy.

1. Tie a piece of wool around your left hand thumb . Weave the wool loosely in front of your first finger, behind the next, in front of the next, round your little finger and back to the thumb. Now take the yarn across all your fingers so it lies just above the first layer of loops. Leave the thumb alone. It just acts as the anchor.

finger knit 1


2. Using your right hand, grab the first loop of wool on your first finger and take it over the wool that’s lying just above it and right over your finger. Do the same with the wool loops on the other three fingers.

finger knit 2

3. Take the yarn all the way round the back of your fingers and over the front again. Repeat steps 2 and 3 about ten times.

finger knit 3

4. Now take the wool off your thumb and pull gently down at the back. You can seer the knitted tube beginning to form. Just keep repeating steps two and three until it is as long as you want.

finger knitting 4

5. Cut off the yarn leaving a tail about 20cm (8in) long. Thread the tail through each stitch in turn, starting wit the little finger and slipping them off as you go.

finger knit 5By using more than one strand of wool at a time you can make a thick multi-coloured rope. You can also knit your strands together to make your scarf even chunkier.


finger knit photo 1


boycraftWe have three copies of this brilliant new craft book ‘BoyCraft;’ to give away. Simply leave a comment below and from all comments received by midnight on 30th April we will pick out 3 lucky winners. Usual Netmums terms and conditions apply.

BOYCRAFT  is a book full of   projects for boys and for girls who want to do something  different … from Papier Mâché Landscapes, Water Bombs, to Egg Eyeballs, Bug Hotels, Jumper Monsters and much more.

BOYCRAFT is stuffed with hands-on  fun ideas to inspire all kids, even those who may not have made things before, to give making things a go!


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99 Responses to How to do finger knitting – Plus win a copy of Boycraft

  1. Vikki Bond says:

    Wow my son Harry is 8 he loves making stuff its hard to think of boyish stuff to make and do. I am also a teaching assistant and work in year one classes this would be useful for the children too.

  2. Sally says:

    Would love to win a copy and get some different ideas of things to make.

  3. victoria birch says:

    The book looks great would love to win a copy for our boys and their cousins.

  4. Monica Gilbert says:

    I think this book sounds fantastic. It’s great to encourage boys to try crafts, and I’m excited to see how many my daughter might like. I also want to try finger knitting and am happy to have a tutorial.

  5. Natalia Redfern says:

    This book sounds great!

  6. N’s a bit young at the moment, but I can see it being useful in future, plus giving his older cousins some ideas for activities.

  7. Nat says:

    Although I have two daughters, my eldest is always drawn to ‘boyish’ things so this sounds right up her street!

  8. suzanne Gillespie says:

    Great ideas for my boys.

  9. Lianne says:

    Would love to win one for ideas of different crafts to do with my boys. Great book!

  10. Abigail Williams says:

    I think my daughter would love this – she loves to find different things to do, in particular making a bug hotel would be right up her street! Her brother isn’t quite 5 months yet but may well take after her 🙂

  11. ana says:

    I would love to win this, I am a stay at home mum who has become very crafty recently making things for and with my autistic son who has been recently diagnosed! Please pick me 😀

  12. Helen Hunt says:

    I have two boys (10 & 8) and a tomboy (5) who will think this is amazballs!!

  13. Sarah Azb says:

    With two boys to entertain I think this would be the answer

  14. Rebecca Milne says:

    I have 2 boys 10 & 8 who love to try new things, it’ll be great to get them away from minecraft!

  15. Lindsay Ritchie says:

    Am definitely going to try this my two!

  16. Having 3 boys this book would be wonderful. Think I will have to invest in it if I don’t win 🙂 x

  17. Lisa Newbatt says:

    Finger knitting looks fab, may have to give that a go with my kids. Would love some new and different ideas of crafts to try with them too!

  18. Dionne Park says:

    What a fantastic idea to get boys interested in craft

  19. kebabjones76 says:

    Oh my 4 kids would love this x

  20. gemma bartlett says:

    Oh my goodness My little man needs this book!

  21. Jenny says:

    My 4 year old wants to craft all day so I would love to win this copy for him!

  22. Rachael Dempsey says:

    I’d really love to win a copy of this book. I’m always stuck for ideas when it comes to crafts for boys. I’m holding a workshop with 6 boys next holidays and this will come in handy for inspiring creative ideas. I’m sure my daughter will get lots of use out of it also.

  23. Emma Hopkins says:

    Sounds like a really great book!

  24. Sam says:

    I would love to win this for my 2 crafty kids!

  25. Lorna Cooke says:

    Soooo need a copy of this for my son. If i don’t win it, I’ll be buying a copy … maybe i shouldn’t put that ;0)

  26. Claire says:

    Wow don’t think the kids would get a look in This looks fab for me

  27. katjenner says:

    fabulous idea. my 13 year old son just made a headband. perfect way to get boys into creativity. thanks.

  28. Jo garbett says:

    Would love to win this…having a boy who is constantly saying the words “I’m bored”, could definitely get good use and ideas out of this book!

  29. Claire Whelan says:

    Wow what a brilliant book! Perfect for my two boys, especially my eldest who is craft mad! It’s hard to find craft ideas for boys sometimes, so we’ll done to the authors!!

  30. pms911 says:

    It is great having a book with just boys crafts. Have three boys and the youngest loves making and doing.

  31. gail harrison says:

    Sounds great fun

  32. Jen says:

    What a great idea for a book! My little girls has so many pink glittery, girly arts and craft books but my son only has colouring books and printouts that I get from the net for him, so this would cause so much excitement if we were chosen to have a copy!

  33. Pat Lewis says:

    what a really interesting book I have some grandchildren who al ways ask nana what they can do. Also several young children who live nearby and are always glad of ideas in the holidays.

  34. Kristina says:

    Would love this, sounds fab!

  35. Oh yes please. My little boys would LOVE this! x

  36. kayleigh jackson says:

    This is pretty funky knitting!

  37. florence hammond says:

    Nice to see a craft book specifically aimed at boys!

  38. Donna Nzuki says:

    My kids would have so much fun with a copy of this book.

  39. sue says:

    Will be trying this with my older kids

  40. Charlotte Lambourne says:

    What a fab looking book! as a mum of 2 boys (all of us are craft mad) we are always looking for new things to make !

  41. Amber says:

    This looks fantastic for my 8 year old son. He has recently learnt how to weave using a simple loom and make pom poms. I’ll be trying this with him as an extension of what he’s already done. I also work with children, so the book sounds fab for that too! Thanks for posting x

  42. Lesley says:

    absolutely love the idea of this! I can not knit, but am hoping with the help of a couple of extra tutorials, I can get to grips with this, and then teach the little ones.

  43. craftylillel says:

    absolutely love the idea of this! would love the chance to win, so that I can teach the little ones in my life

  44. Sophie Adams says:

    This looks ace!

  45. Amber Barnett says:

    Wow my 8 year old son would love this, I make crafts myself and often hold a craft stall at our local fair, my little girl loves to help, but my son although likes to help and make things, always says it’s girly so to have something for boys would be great. X

  46. Victoria says:

    Yes please 🙂 have 3 boys who love crafts! X

  47. Victoria says:

    My 3 boys would love this!

  48. Kerry Pearson says:

    I need this book lol. Being a Mummy to boys without any other boys in the family or friends I have no idea how to make egg eyeballs….sounds like fun though!

  49. sam d says:

    this would be fantastic for the after school club i work at as the boys always complain about being bored

  50. What a fab idea! I’d love to get cracking on some of these projects with my son.

  51. jo shepperd says:

    This looks like a fab book my boy would love it as it can be hard to think of crafts for boys. The finger knitting looks great I think I will have to give it a go with the kids.

  52. Kelly says:

    We would love this book x

  53. R Hughes says:

    I also have boys who love to make stuff, a 5 yr old and a 10 yr old. I don’t always have an idea when they say ‘Mum, what can I make?!’ I would love to win a copy of this book to give us all some new projects!

  54. emma says:

    What a fab idea bet my nephews and brother would love to try this . Im gonna buy some wool tomorrow and try with my dd and when nephews and brother come over will try it out with them . would be great to win a copy of the book for ideas

  55. Angela says:

    I used to love finger knitting! My daughter and I would love to win this. I’m sure we’d be inspired!

  56. Karen says:

    This will be a great book for the holidays ! Love it x


    Fabulous idea! I have two creative daughters and would share this book, if won, with the children in the school where I work as librarian.

  58. morag says:

    let me please win so I can use this with the scouts

  59. Anne Bean says:

    At least 3 of my grandchildren would really go for finger knitting and a book like Boy Craft!

  60. Leah Wheatley says:

    This looks like a great book to teach craft to kids. I think my nephew would love this

  61. Sarah Dryden says:

    Never in my life have I heard of finger knitting but it looks amazing!!!
    With 3 boys in the house I could definitely do with that book. I bet it has some great ideas in it to keep the kids entertained and to keep them away from saying that dreaded statement ‘I’m bored’ haha 🙂

  62. Claire says:

    This looks good

  63. Love this! Hope my boy never grows out of crafting, at the moment he’s still up for almost anything (he’s 5) :

  64. Katy says:

    I would love a copy of this to share with my cousins, I love crafting but nobody else in my family seems interested! That would be a fun way to introduce the little ones to crafting 😀 x

  65. C Parkin says:

    I’d love to do more crafts with my boy-we mainly make cards and wooden spoon-people at the moment.

  66. Michele says:

    My son loves all sorts of craft, this book would be great for him

  67. Mags Westoby says:

    Wow this would be excellent to teach to my 25 cub scouts and my own 9yr old boy.

  68. Lyndsey says:

    Would love to win one for my two boys who love getting crafty.

  69. Alison Bessant says:

    Wow! Thank you for making a craft book for boys. One of my boys won’t apply himself to anything in school, but when we make things together he really shines. I can’t wait to spend hours losing ourselves in these projects together.

  70. thesoupdragonsays says:

    Its hard to get my son 8 to do crafts, but when he does he gets so engrossed. Would love to see what he makes of this book, loving the finger knitting can see he would like that!

  71. sarah goodman says:

    wow what a great looking book!

  72. margarita m says:

    Fantastic idea. My children are very creative, so they would love this!

  73. Claire Jones says:

    My sons (aged 8 and 6) love making things but sometime it is hard to think up ideas. This book sounds to have some new and different ideas they could use. My eldest would definitely enjoy finger knitting, in fact I might too!

  74. sam swain says:

    My kids would love a copy of this. I will get them to give the finger knitting a go.

  75. Mary-Jane Overbury says:

    Wow, I love knitting and all things crafty, my 3 boys enjoy watching me, but finger knitting would be a brilliant thing to get them more involved in traditional girly crafts. My boys wojld love this book……and so would I as I work as a hlta in a recetion year 1 class and am always on the look out for cool new ideas!

  76. sharon dickson says:

    I need this to make me cool!

  77. julie laing says:

    I think my oldest daughter would love this

  78. Gill Moore says:

    I would love this book for my 7 year old son who loves ats and crafts and I am rapidly running out of ideas so this would be great to re inspire me to help him keep being creatvive.

  79. A really nice book to give away!

  80. lisa lyons says:

    Great idea

  81. Laura Britton says:

    Great idea, not seen it before and I love my crafty stuff!

  82. Paul Witney says:

    Would love to win, thanks

  83. laura avery says:

    Love this idea I myself have 3 boys and i adore crafting!

  84. Helen Atkins says:

    The book looks great would love to win a copy for 3 children!

  85. steph lovatt says:

    It’s easy to find craft stuff for the girls, but boys it’s a nightmare would love to win this.

  86. Trish D says:

    What a great idea! It’s so hard to know what to do with boys who want to craft something – they can only bake cakes so many times!

  87. rachael jones says:

    as mummy to a 6 year old boy & also assistant Beavers Leader I could certainly make a LOT of use of this !! fingers crossed !

  88. Gail Reid says:

    Never heard of this book before. Or tried finger knitting. Bad crafter! Bad Crafter! haha xxxx

  89. jodie harvey says:

    makes a change to see something suitable for boys! my lads would love to do this, they are very creative, as are my girls, but there never seems to be much around for them. thank you for the chance 🙂

  90. Solange says:

    Great idea for boys

  91. sarah says:

    i think my son would really like this, never thought he would like knitting but go’s to show.

  92. Sarah Cooper says:

    I love the look of this book!

  93. Rachel B says:

    would love to win. Sounds like it has some interesting and fun ideas!

  94. Tracey Brookshaw says:

    This book looks great for my two boys

  95. Lucy Robinson says:

    This would be a fab pressie for my nephew.

  96. Tracey says:

    Looks interesting. I will be giving this ago before trying to get the kids to do it.

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