50 ideas for family fun

With  half term upon us we have put together a list of 50 ideas for free family fun. Why not make a boredom buster jar and fill it with the family’s favourites from this list then whenever anyone dares to utters that phrase ‘I’m boooored’ you can pick out an activity?

boredom busters jar50 ideas for family fun

  1. Make a massage tee shirt with fabric pens! (a prefect father’s Day  gift for next month fathers day carsbut also so much fun for Mum or Dad)
  2. Give everyone a pound or two and go bargain hunting in the local charity shops.
  3. Head to your local library – there are often craft and storytelling activities in the holidays to enjoy too.
  4. Make a game of Hoopla for the garden from paper plates
  5. Head to the garden centre and buy some sunflower seeds to grow or some tomato or mini cucumber plants for the kids to grow.
  6. Make finger puppets out of washing up gloves and put on a showgloves big four
  7. Take a skipping rope, ball, scooter or kite to the park.
  8. Hop on a train and visit a nearby village or town.
  9. Make egg box ladybirds
  10. Visit the pet shop and see all the baby animals.
  11. Borrow a dog to take on a walk.
  12. Cook up a storm in the kitchen – here are some fab recipes for mini bakers to try.
  13. Make an indoor (or outdoor) obstacle course – snake under a table, jump through a hoop, throw beanbags into a bucket…as much fun to set up as to do!
  14. Make your own playdough
  15. Make your own instruments and then play along to some tunes.
  16. Grab some newspaper and masking tape and have a fashion contest – see who can make the best costumes.
  17. Cut out pictures from magazines or catalogues and make a scrapbook or poster
  18. Make boats from junk and have a sailing contest (in the sink or river at local park)

    Set sail

    Set sail

  19. Make little shoebox houses
  20. Have an indoor treasure hunt – mark wooden pegs with different coloured dots and hide them about the house. Give each child a basket and they have to hunt and collect the pegs – each coloured dot has a different number of points and the winner could get a small prize.
  21. Make a den – grab the clothes horse and a blanket or some sheets pegged to a table and make a cosy den.
  22. Get out the board games and have an afternoon of family challenges
  23. Have a disco in the living room
  24. Make salt paintings
  25. Have a teddy bear’s picnic
  26. Make a human marble run
  27. Head to a nearby farm or farm park
  28. Make marble rolling paintings
  29. Make a house/ship/rocket from an old box
  30. Wash the car (this one might require some bribery!)
  31. Make an indoor racing track with masking tape

    Indoor race track

    Indoor race track

  32. Make a magic potion – grab a huge pan and mix up any ingredients in the cupboards and bathroom!
  33. Go geo-caching
  34. Go to a museum
  35. Go to an art gallery
  36. Make papier mache bowls
  37. Head to the playpark
  38. Go to the beach and paddle in the sea (brrrr)
  39. Go on a bike ride
  40. Hold your own sport’s day (running races, three legged races, long jump…)
  41. Make pom poms and turn them into creatures
  42. Make Easter bonnets and have your own parade
  43. Make your own bracelets
  44. Make a target game with masking tape
  45. Go swimming
  46. Make paper plate frisbeeswinter walk
  47. Make sponge water bombs and have a splashy water fight
  48. Make some gloop
  49. Make a teddy bear zip wire
  50. Make a list of things to spot and head out on a nature walk

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    So doing this!

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  3. Vicki forster says:

    Why not plant some seeds or plants in different pots.. Use old wellies or tin baths !!! Kids absolutely love it.

  4. maismaisbeau says:

    Hey thanks for the list I’ve mentioned you on my blog http://www.dreamsandlens.com

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