Blog of the Week: Dear Biggoty W*nkers

Blog_of_the_week_badgeOur Blog of the Week may be a little strong-worded for some of you, but to us it captured the anger that many mothers felt after learning that a woman who was breastfeeding in public was labelled with the word ‘tramp’. You can read more about how it unfolded and what our members thought in Netmums Coffeehouse. 

This is Mommo Mojo’s take on it.


Dear Bigotty W*nkers,

I have listened to all your reasons that women should not breastfeed in public and I have decided to call bullsh*t on the whole thing. For some of you it is an education thing, this is not your fault. Do not feel bad that you are just not educated enough to understand how these things work. You are forgiven. I forgive you. For others it is simply that you like to cause a bit of a scene. Ruffle the feathers of some communities and enjoy watching it all unfold – I bet you’re having so much fun right now! Hell, I’m willing to bet that some of you don’t even have children. It might not change your opinion but you would begin to understand that it isn’t just about food. To a breastfeeding mother it is about nurturing, bonding and love. To any parent it is about nurturing, bonding and love.

Some of you can’t seperate breasts being sexual from breasts being a food source – you have issues that I don’t have time to discuss right now. Seek help.

However there are some of you out there I would like to give a special mention to, the ones that say things like ‘It’s like defecating and urinating – it’s natural but it doesn’t mean I want to see it in public.’ I quite agree, next time you see someone taking a shit on a chair in Starbucks I would look away – and possibly hold your nose. I can’t be any clearer – next time you are out and see people pissing on stuff DON’T LOOK.

You must understand that we are not out to wave our milky nips in your face. Nope, we are not. We are simply trying to feed our offspring. We have invented, scarves, tops, dresses, vests, bras and a whole host of other items so that we can protect those with a nervous disposition from seeing our fleshy baby feeding breasts – and yet this is still not enough. There are some of you out there who are intent on shaming mothers, shaming them into hiding at home. When you point and laugh (bullying), take pictures (which is probably not legal) or make snide online comments like a keyboard warrior; you are hurting people. You are causing mothers to feel the hot sting of shame. You are causing the problems. Not us. We are quietly feeding our babies in the corner, probably drinking a coffee, reading a book and generally being awesome.

The thing that we know, that you don’t, is this:

You cannot stop it. You will not stop it.

You can try to shame us, call us names, post pictures calling us tramps, tell us feeding our baby is the same as taking a shit in the middle of the street – you will not stop it.

I will get out my floppy, saggy, sad old tit out and feed my baby where ever I like.
I will not be bullied.
I will not be shamed.
I will not be quiet.
I will not be told to hide in my home.
I will stand by those who breastfeed.
I will stand by those who have felt the sharp end of a fool’s tongue.

I will breastfeed in public. 

Yours Sincerly,

Momma Mouse Tits Mojo. 

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2 Responses to Blog of the Week: Dear Biggoty W*nkers

  1. Aisha says:

    This makes me laugh and giggle. I hated the looks a recieved when breastfeeding. Eapecially as I was young the first time round. I was 21 and ALL my friends didnt breast feed and they would say ew no way! Lile something was wrong with it. They didnt judge me (atleast not that I know of) but still it was challenging for me. I was most comfortable with older

    Hmm and then those people that would not wajt ro see women bf their babies didnt mind smoking around children and endangering their health.
    Fine some children dont seem to ‘react’ to smoke. But my daughter did. And viciously too. Being admitted to hospital four times. Three time in only 6 weeks. One of those times have to be rushed in and have steriods put in her blood stream because she couldnt breath al because her dad smoked in his house when she stayes at the weekends (in the kitchen with the window open) because apparently that made it okay. yet all her admissions were on a sunday after she had come home from his house. But hey I guess the real problem is that women feed babies in public wth their boobs. Those people need to get a grip!

  2. cassieapples says:

    I was a nervous breast feeder. My little one was constantly on the boob. I had a few housing issues to begin with. One visit to the council left me feeling so angry and vulnerable. I was asked by a council worker to stop feeding my daughter and use the breast feeding facilities – which were in the toilet. I politely asked the lady if she would eat her sandwich in there. She obviously got my message because she then left me to it. I have found its more women that have the problem with breastfeeding. I have fed my baby in a room full of builders who had nothing to say about me breast feeding.

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