Team Netmums have a spring in their step

OK OK…we know it’s not exactly balmy and that it might be a wee while yet until we’re spring girlskipping through the daffodils in short sleeves but here at Team Netmums we’re feeling cheery about the fact that spring has almost sprung.

The crocuses (or is it croci?) are peeking out ready to bloom, we actually felt sunshine on our faces a few times in the last week and whilst we don’t exactly leap out of bed and do cartwheels down the hall singing ‘The sun has got his hat on’ on our way to wake the kids in the morning, it’s certainly a bit easier to drag ourselves from our pits with the lighter mornings and the birds tweeting outside the window.

We probably should mention at this point that we did spy a headline in the papers warning us not to get overly excited about the warmer weather as there was a chance of snow next week. However – we chose to put our hands over our ears and say ‘La…la laaaa…we’re not listening!’. We pride ourselves on our levels of maturity.

And to bring on some spring cheer we thought we’d share some colourful spring crafts with you that will brighten your homes and your days and hopefully help put a little spring in your step.

How about this genius easy peasy idea of printing with forks to make painted flowers?

forks big four

Or these super cute mummy and baby peg leg animals?

peg legs big four

These tissue and bun case blooms are bound to brighten your table and your day.

bun case big fourtissue big four

And these fluttery butterflies made from coffee filter papers are just so pretty.

butterfly big six

So why not scoop up the kids and get crafty and bring some spring cheer to your homes?

Find more gorgeous spring craft ideas here.

And find all sorts of spring activities and fun here

And if next week we have to bring you ideas for snow play then we apologise in advance!

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1 Response to Team Netmums have a spring in their step

  1. CatM says:

    I think we all feel lighter when the sun comes out. 🙂

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