Blog of the Week: I’ll always remember you

Blog_of_the_week_badgeThis week’s Blog of the Week is a very touching post from Dowsie Dolly about something that happens all too frequently to women and is often not discussed openly.

If you have been affected by miscarriage or need support please visit our dedicated area for advice.


I’ll always remember you.

Even though you were part of my life for a very short time I will always appreciate the fact that you were mine.

You deserved a name, so I gave you one, a neutral one as sadly I’ll never know if your spirit was male or female.

I’ll always remember you when October comes by, especially the sixteenth as I was due to meet you that day but I’ll never know if you’re an early show or a keep me waiting kind of person. I’ll also remember you on your brothers birthday, the day I realised you were leaving me for good.

I light candles for you to try and keep you near me, the flame representing you, burning for a short time and then being blown out, I wish you could have burned forever and let your light shine bright into my life but sadly it was not mean to be.

I’m glad that it’s not people’s bodies that go to Heaven but their souls as I imagine you as a tiny baby soul, safely cuddled up on a pure, fluffy cloud with the sun shining on you to keep you warm.

You were only part of my life for six very short weeks but the anticipation I had of meeting you was great and I did love you. I am wrong though, you will always be part of my life, not just those weeks of your presence on Earth.

Just because I never met you does not mean that I don’t mourn and grieve for you.

I’m sorry I’m not there to mind you, it just wasn’t meant to be but hopefully one day my soul will meet yours and we can be together, as we should have been.

I’ll always remember you when a birds feather floats by me, when I see a robin in my garden, a butterfly flutters around me or a rainbow appears before me, that’s how I’ll know you’re near.

Sleep tight little one until I come to cuddle you forever.

I love you.

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3 Responses to Blog of the Week: I’ll always remember you

  1. This has made me howl such tears for you and your baby. I’m so sorry for your loss – and I know it’s a real one because I’ve had my own and more than one. I understand that love for the person who is growing inside you but who never comes and, actually, never goes either. I hope that, one day, they will try to come again and you will meet them then, as I have mine XXX

  2. helena says:

    Nicely written. I know how you feel.

  3. Mindy Glazer says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. It is painful no matter how short or how long you carry them. I know this first hand too. I carried a baby and had to terminate in the middle of my 5th month because it was learned on ultrasound that he had no kidneys. As long as he was inside of me, he was functioning off of mine…but if I were to give birth to him, he would of course, not survive. I was too far along to have a D&C, so I had to go through an actual induced delivery. It was an awful experience for not only me and my family of course, but for the staff at the hospital as well. I was surprised how it took a toll on them! I would have thought they have seen these things often, but it meant a lot to me that they didn’t treat it as “just another day at the office” They were sensitive, caring, and not that I wanted to see people cry, but it showed me that they were not cold to the situation…from nurses, to doctors…they were all in tears.
    I went on to have 2 wonderful daughters after this…and I had a beautiful son before this baby too…not that one can replace another of course.

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