Crafts for kids – an exciting new addition to Netmums

We are so excited and proud to present you with a brand new section on Netmums.

Drum roll please as we present to you our brand new crafts section.

arts and crafts

A corner of Netmums devoted to a whole array of fantastic crafts for kids – with step by step guides for  over 100 craft ideas suitable for tiny tots to teens.

We’ve put together over 100 craft projects – everything from painting and printing to junk marble fourmodelling and easy peasy playdough recipes. We have ideas for easy puppet making ideas, crafts for creative mums, washi tape projects* and much much more. We even show you how to make a Minion puppet from a washing up glove! What more could you want?

Why should the kids have all the fun we hear you say? Don’t worry – we will also be bringing you some totally gorgeous crafts ideas for mums – courtesy of the lovely Mollie Makes. So you can join in the creative fun too.

We’ve been so busy behind the scenes getting this section ready for you. Our craft expert’s (Nic’s) house is a positive tip as every corner is covered in craft projects (the making of which has been hampered by the fact that her new puppy Dylan kept eating googly eyes and destroying loo roll owls and paper plate hedgehogs along the way). But it has been so much fun and the idea is that you and your children can have so much fun too.

Each craft idea is presented with easy to follow step by step photographs and instructions fabric fouras well as ideas to use the techniques to let your child’s imaginations flow. We’ve also got some fab craft videos from Kellogg’s for special craft projects that we know you’re just going to love too.

Learn how to paint with toothbrushes, make your own gloop, make your own stampers to print with, make your own cute felt puppets. make a mini theatre from a cereal box and much much more. Unleash your children’s creativity and have a whole heap of messy fun. We’ve got ideas to squidge, splodge, stick, squirt, snip and glue.

All the arts and crafts are easy and we’ve also put together a list of all the things you need to start your creative adventure – many use loads of things you have about the house or can save from the recycling.

You and your children need never be bored again! When you’re kids say ‘I’m booored’ then you have boredom busters galore at your fingertips!

We hope you love it as much as we do. Happy crafting everyone!

crafts showcase*If you have no clue what washi tape is – don’t worry – we explain and are also fully aware that once you discover this brilliant craft addition you’ll soon be slightly addicted!

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1 Response to Crafts for kids – an exciting new addition to Netmums

  1. Jenny says:

    Fab idea! We love our crafts 🙂

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