Win a pair of Skribbies – the first ever customisable high tops for kids

Today’s guest blog comes from Jennifer Duthie who designed and launched a range of trainers for kids that they can draw on. After a lot of hard work Skribbies have now been launched and we are excited to be able to give one lucky reader the chance to win a pair for their child. To enter simply leave a comment below. Here Jennifer tells us about her journey – from an idea to getting her Skribbies on the shelves.


The idea for Skribbies came when I was reminiscing about when I was a child and was Jeniifer Duthieobsessed with fabric painting on anything I could get my hands on. It struck me that it would be really cool to be able to draw on your shoes, wipe it off and start again from new. I was convinced the idea must already exist but after doing some research I realised I had come up with a simple but brilliant idea. That’s when the hard work really started and I went through 18 months of design, development, sampling and testing to have a market ready product. It was all worth it as this Summer I launched my brand and now Skribbies has a range of high-top style shoes in three colourways that kids can draw on, wipe off and draw again from new – like a whiteboard on a shoe. Each pair of shoes comes with a pack of 6 pens, a wristband with a pen loop that can be used to wipe away drawings and a pack of monster stickers for extra decorating fun.


We’ve been launched 6 months now and it’s been the most incredible journey. I’ve had to propel myself outside of my comfort zone and do things I never imaged I could including raising finance, negotiating contracts, pitching to retail buyers, competing in business competitions, coding my own website, editing videos, hiring people and exhibiting at trade shows. I was recently selected by Theo Paphitis for his Small Business Sunday award and last month I was the only female finalist to make the cut for the Shell LiveWIRE ‘YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR’ award, which has been an amazing experience.

It has been a steep and exhilarating learning curve but it has been especially helpful to have a strong group of mentors and people I can reach out to for advice. I am lucky that the kids industry is so friendly and whenever I have reached out to people they have been happy to assist. Even big brands have been willing to share advice, contacts and even collaborate on projects. This openness has really shocked me coming from the dog-eat-dog banking world but in the long term I think this attitude is very healthy for an industry.

Success is so subjective and although I am really happy with how Skribbies is growing I Skribbies rangehave big aspirations for the brand that will take years to achieve and plenty of hard work and dedication. It can sometimes be daunting to look into the future and see the huge mountain you have to climb but we’re taking each step/day at a time and making sure we celebrate the successes. I have found it’s always important to look back and see the progress we have made to date, which is phenomenal.

As a brand Skribbies is all about the fun of childhood and celebrating the cheekiness of kids. We want kids to be kids in all their naughty, cheeky, wonderful glory and not glued to a TV, iPad, phone or computer screen. This passion to encourage children to focus on creative play has even led me to found a campaign called pledge 2 play that encourages parents to commit to 2 hours a week focusing on creative play with their children.

You can contact me through my website at and



We have a pair of Skribbies to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter simply leave a comment below and from all comment received by midnight of January 31st we will pick one lucky winner. Usual Netmums terms and conditions apply. Skribbies come in a selection of colours to suit boys and girls: Hot Pink and Red, Neon Yellow and Black and Bright Blue and Navy, in sizes ranging from UK Junior Size 10 to UK 3.

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90 Responses to Win a pair of Skribbies – the first ever customisable high tops for kids

  1. Many Congratulations on your genius idea and on bringing it right through to fruition! My youngest draws on everything as it is so it would lovely to give him a free rein!

  2. Such a brilliant idea, very inspiring. Love it!

  3. bizzykidz says:

    I would love to win a pair of these for my daughter who loves doing creative stuff and is always asking for cool clothes and shoes x

  4. suzy edwards says:

    Great idea. I work at Embercombe, a social enterprise where we inspire people to take part in creating a more sustainable world – and giving free rein to creativity and self expression from an early age feels like an important part of this. Good luck!

  5. Sally says:

    what a unique and great idea. Would love to win a pair for my daughterx

  6. Carly says:

    What a fantastic idea! I was always getting told off as a child for doodling on my clothes, shoes and anything else, and I fear that my kids are going the same way! At least they’ll be able to funk up their shoes without getting told off!

  7. Aniela says:

    I would like to kindly congratulate you, not only for the amazing idea you had, but also for your courage to step out of your comfort zone. I think that courage is the most important element of any new start up. Your idea being unique, I think the success is guaranteed!
    All the best!

  8. cafeacuvise says:

    I would like to kindly congratulate you for this amazing idea, not just because I really like what you do, but also for your courage to step out of your comfort zone. I consider that the base for every start up is the courage – the courage to face a new world, the courage to make things that you always dreamed of.
    Your idea being unique, I am sure the success is guaranteed!

    All the best!

  9. i think these are amazing! my five year old daughter is crazy about drawing shes even drawn on my white shoes before with biro which is still there! haha what a brilliant idea i know ill be buying some!

  10. stephanddavid says:

    these are amazing! my five year old daughter is crazy about drawing and has even drawn on my white trainers with biro! its still there lol she would love these i am deffo going to buy her some!

  11. samantha barnes says:

    what a brilliant idea. my daughter is very creative and would love to personalise something like this. she also has joint hypermobility and has to wear surgical insoles and these sort of high-top ankle boots are great for those and support her ankles at the same time. off to check out the website now xx

  12. Em Heywood says:

    Wow what fab shoes I do hope the business does really well what a great concept for trainers I have got three Little ones that would love these im only saddened that they werent around 15 years ago when i had my eldest.

  13. Saima amjed says:

    What a brill idea! Wish u all the success.. Will check out the website fr local stockists x

  14. Nat says:

    What a great idea! I remember painting a pair of my boots with silver glittery nail varnish when I was younger! Don’t think my mum was too pleased!

  15. Lindsey Kilgour says:

    Congratulations on your success, what a brilliant idea! My son loves creative activities and being able to design his own trainers would be brilliant 😀 xXx

  16. Hannah says:


  17. Mary says:

    Fantastic idea! I used to do the same to my jeans and fabric paint and loved them!

  18. Lisa Clark says:

    What a great idea. I have an 8 year stepdaughter who would love those!

  19. Laura Hogarth says:

    My daughter would love these. She loves to design things and loves all things arty. Brilliant! 🙂

  20. Alison Stupart says:

    Great idea. My 8 year old daughter would love them!

  21. clair pearson says:

    This Idea is Fab, my Girls love Dressing up and Drawing so for them to design their own shoes they would love it _ Great Prize

  22. Laura MacLean says:

    Congratulations to you on the new kids craze!! What a brilliant idea and one you should be proud of.

    My Daughter would be in her element with these!! She loves drawing and experimenting with colour mixing and shading. I find stickers everywhere, including decorating my, in her words “Boring bra!!” Fingers crossed for these, it would make her day!!

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  23. kerry says:

    super cool 🙂

  24. marie delelsie says:

    Brilliant idea, my daughter would love these as she loves her shoes and art, great combination.

  25. Rura says:

    Woooow amazing
    Its brilliant idea for creative kids my daughter loves to draw on her shoes or boots or some times her clothes 🙂
    Congratulations for ur new project
    Go on

  26. martina ferns says:

    what a brillant idea my wee boy would love them, wish they were around in my day x

  27. Kerryn Newton-Edwards says:

    Even though I have boys they love shoes Making them HIS would be awsome! What a fab idea!

  28. Tracy Pritchard says:

    What a fab idea! My daughter would love to design her own! X x

  29. Graham Smith says:

    What a brillant idea. I can now just see my son decorating these shoes and showing them to his friends. Going to have to check your website to see where I can get a pair. Wonder if you can get round to doing t-shirts like this as well where kids can decorate their own.

  30. Safia says:

    they look impressive !

  31. Julie Johnson says:

    Brilliant idea, colour their trainers instead of the wallpaper, why kids always colour the wallpaper i will never know, but these are ace, keep up the good work

  32. Alison-Frances McKnight says:

    Great Idea! I know a LOT of bigger kids and adults that would love these too ( yes that does include me ). Incidentally I home Educate my disabled son and if we do less than 2 hours creative play per DAY it’s a bad day!!

  33. Rita Cabrita says:

    Cool shoes for cool kids!They make all the difference, as they allow the child to express themselves. And it generates happy parents too,as they’re easy to spot amongst other pairs.

  34. Megan says:

    Looks like a lovely idea – just worry that my little girl will apply this idea to all of her other shoes and clothes once she’s had a go at the real thing though!

  35. Lenka says:

    What a great idea! My kids would be delighted to have that

  36. Amanda says:

    Fab idea! Mums always have the best ideas.

    My 7 year old daughter said when she saw the picture: wowzer they are cool!
    Can’t get better than that 🙂

  37. rebecca says:

    What a fantastic idea, my children would love these!

  38. Shiv1000 says:

    Fantastic idea & congratulations on making your dream a reality – an inspiration to us all! Both my kids would love these (boy age 9 & girl age 6) & these will be on their birthday lists this year. Well done for the pledge to play idea as well – ways of dragging them away from the ipad/tv/ds alwats welcome!

  39. Laura Halls says:

    I love Skribbies ever since I seen them a couple months back my kiddies love them and would love to win for my 6 year old son x

  40. Michelle Jones says:

    In the words of my 9 year old: “Awsome!” (Quickly followed by: can I have a pair???). My girls would love this – even my 11 year old, but they wouldn’t fit her as she’s a size 4. I would love to win a pair for one of my girls….. Congrats on a fab idea!

  41. Vikki Bond says:

    Lovely a cut above the rest would love a pair for my daughter

  42. Jean says:

    Inspirational! Love the idea and the ideals, especially the pledge2play. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  43. rachel says:

    Awesome trainers, idea for home schooling art projects and budding fashion designers!

  44. Suky says:

    Congrats, very inspiring journey and fantastic product. Definitely be a big hit with children of all ages.

  45. Fab idea, wish there would of been something like this when i was younger!

  46. Janine says:

    Great idea

  47. What a great idea, i’ve seen money boxes and bags that you can colour in but not trainers and that you can really customize too. My 3 children would absolutely love these!
    Well done for having the courage to take your idea and make it happen!

  48. Liz G Smith says:

    my daughter would go crazy for these!

  49. debbie saunders says:

    Congratulations a brilliant idea that the kids of all ages will love. The skribbies trainers will be drawn on and peoples attention drawn to them. Absolutely fab. Cant wait for the next in your line. X

  50. Nicola says:

    Wow! What a great idea! Congratulations on taking your idea through to a finished product. My son is crazy about drawing and would be walking 10 feet high with personalised footwear like this. I’ll definitely be checking your website out. Best of luck, and keep your ideas coming!

  51. Sara ficken says:

    This would be perfect for my LO:) she is just drawing everywhere and loves shoes-trying mummy’s shoes on all the time:)

  52. jennifer williams says:

    lovely idea. my daughter would love a pair!

  53. Julie sharma says:

    Great idea! Heaven for my 6 year old sparkle mad girl x

  54. This is a fab idea, are they for boys too. My youngest would love a pair, he loves drawing and colouring. These will look fab in shops.

  55. Halima Master says:

    My daughter would love a pair of these fab trainers and for once be surprised when I let her draw on clothing/ footwear lol.

  56. Jarmila Lamplotova says:

    What a fabulous idea!I’d love a pair of those for my son.x

  57. Cool shoes!
    Might help my son to stop drawing on his face

  58. Helen Hunt says:

    What a unique creation! Could you do them in adult sizes?? 😀

  59. Caroline says:

    What a fab idea! !!! I would love to win one of these for my son 🙂

  60. emma says:

    what a great idea can see these being a big hit. good luck

  61. Danielle says:

    These are just fabulous, an amazing idea. My daughter would love them and I think she’d be the envy of all her classmates!!

  62. thel8est says:

    Love these!! If I win I promise to let my daughter colour them in sometimes (although I can’t promise I won’t do a few doodles myself!) Great idea, and congrats on persisting with launching these, can’t have been an easy process but I’m sure they will fly off the shelves – fantastic! X

  63. Faith Toon-Donnelly says:

    What an amazing idea!! I am highly unlucky and never win competitions but i thought i would give this one a go as it is an absolutely wonderful invention and my son would be in complete awe of them! Xx

  64. Beci Trow says:

    These are brilliant definatly one of the kids toys i would be sat doing when she has gone to bed…

  65. jayne rooney says:

    These look brilliant. Great way to get kids to be creative. Congratulations on your achievements so far!

  66. Gauri says:

    Awesome Idea you have got for children . Loved it .. All the best .

  67. Janet says:

    My son would love these! I think my daughter would too, but her feet are too big!

  68. Emma Weiss says:

    My little girl would love these!! She would finally be able to design the ‘magic’ shoes she tells me about!! 🙂

  69. thesoupdragonsays says:

    I’m not sure my son would like to scribble on his shoes, but I think these are a great idea especially for girls! My boy might agree that they are cool trainers though!

  70. Emma Lategan says:

    fantastic idea, my daughter would love a pair of these – how small do you make them??

  71. Sarah James says:

    I’d like a pair of these but my feet are too big. Kids would like them even more, well done!

  72. Debbie Turner says:

    What a great idea, well done. My 2 year old son uses sign language to communicate and he loves to sign ‘to draw’. Having shoes to draw on would be fantastic and really make him happy x

  73. emma says:

    Yes please this would be lovely what a good idea¬

  74. Jo Gearing says:

    Inspired idea – much better than drawing on the walls!

  75. Georgia says:

    Wow, my daughter loves the idea of these & they are awesome, I hope you branch out to Italy the kids here love their trainers & as they wear them to school the funkier the better 🙂

  76. emma ginnaw says:

    what a great idea, both my children would love these but they don’t come in my older ones size (UK4) I think she would still have fun helping her little sister though. I can see some family fun coming on

  77. Karen wallace says:

    Fantastic idea and great that kids can have a free rein to “scribble”

  78. Melissa Red says:

    These are a great idea. My son would love these.

  79. debs says:

    Awesome idea my daughter would love a pair she wants to be a artist so wearing her art would really impress her plus this would keep kids busy where ever you go

  80. Leona says:

    What great fun these are! My youngest aka Tiny Terror would love to have permission to scribble on his shoes 🙂

  81. akela1st says:

    Love it. Are there plans to make purple or green ones?

  82. hayley says:

    New shoes that my little man could design himself. Great 🙂

  83. Amy Weeks says:

    Any Adult size 6 in pink?! Lol x

  84. sam king says:

    just brilliant 🙂

  85. Jeanette says:

    What a fantastic idea. My boys have painted t-shirts but never shoes. They would love these.

  86. Fantastic idea well done on creating such a trndy look

  87. ANN NESBITT says:

    Congratulations on your brilliant success story. A brainwave of an idea that has turned into a fun and fabulous product for kids. Keep climbing that mountain and thanks for the chance to win a pair of fabulous Scribbies! 🙂

  88. J James says:

    Unique idea why did`t I think of it 😀

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