I don’t like vegetables! Book giveaway

Today’s guest Blog is from Mrs C, award-winning author of ‘I Don’t Like Vegetables!’. She wrote the book to encourage children to learn about and try new vegetables – often visiting schools (mostly dressed as a carrot) to hold workshops and hands-on sessions with children. We have five copies of this lovely book to giveaway. To enter simply leave a comment on the blog and we will pick out five lucky winners from all comments received by midnight on 31st January 2014. Usual T & C’s apply.


As we all know it can be quite a challenge and sometimes incredibly frustrating when Mrs Ctrying to encourage children to eat vegetables. With the United Kingdom now top of Europe’s obesity chart, more and more children seem to be pushing away their plates in favour of crisps and junk food.

Recent statistics say it all

• 92% of children consume more saturated fat than is recommended, 86% too much sugar,72% too much salt and 96% do not get enough fruit and vegetables.

• UK has the biggest rate of obesity in young children across Europe. Three in every ten children between the ages of 2 and 15 are classed as being overweight.

• Childhood obesity is thought to be costing the NHS £4.2 billion according to the Royal College of Pediatrics.

For the past six years, my mission has been to help primary school children ‘get back to basics’ on recognizing, understanding and learning about vegetables and their health benefits. My book ‘I Don’t Like Vegetables!’ aims to introduce vegetables to children without dictating to them. I’ve tried to create a fun and informative read for young children with some delightful and unique vegetable characters such as Hugh-Cumber, Joe-Bergine, Pete-Root and Molly-Flower.

As a mum of three sons, I have often been faced with those dreaded words on play dates:  I don't like vegetables‘I don’t eat vegetables!’ But I am adamant that if we can begin introducing vegetables to children at a young age, we can gain their enthusiasm and understanding about the part that vegetables play in helping them to stay healthy. This also embeds healthy eating into young people’s consciousness, which will help them make better and more informed decisions on their eating choices as they get older.

As part of my campaign, I have also been visiting my local schools (usually dressed as a Mrs C dressed as a carrotcarrot!) with my book and organising fun and interactive workshops. This gives the children an opportunity to handle and smell some fresh vegetables, have fun with Wordsearches and Vegetable Snap. This is sometimes followed by children planting seeds which they then get to take home with them.

One of my proudest moments was when a little boy came over to me in class and insisted that he didn’t like vegetables. Yet, when the peas in pods were handed to him, he popped them out of their shells and began to eat them. He then said to me ‘I love these!’ It gave me a great sense of achievement, but also strengthened my belief that any child can enjoy healthy foods if introduced to them in an enthusiastic and fun way.

The feedback from the workshops have been exceptionally positive. Stanley Green 1st in Dorset was the very first school I visited. Kate Masters organised a Vegeta-Ball disco to run alongside their healthy eating topic. The children dressed up as vegetables, beautifully made by parents and helpers. During the disco, the school replaced crisps and biscuits etc., with carrot sticks, cucumbers and apples which were hastily demolished by hungry children!

Vetega - ball

This is her testimonial:

Using the book ‘I Don’t Like Vegetables!’ as a starting point for our topics and our writing has completely enthused our children. They have loved both the story and the illustrations, which has inspired them to write and develop their own characters. Our work with Mrs C! was an unforgettable experience which created a real buzz in the school, the feedback from parents was overwhelming and the children are still talking about our ‘Vegeta-Ball’ disco weeks after the event ran. I can not recommend this book highly enough! – Kate Masters, Deputy Head – Stanley Green 1st School, Dorset.


I don't like vegetablesMrs C! is the award-winning author of ‘I Don’t Like Vegetables’. The book is being sold by Pavilion Publishing and to order the book, visit www.pavpub.com.

We have five copies to give away. Simply leave a comment here and we will pick out five lucky winner from all comments received by midnight on 31st January. Usual Netmums T & Cs apply.

Find out more about how to deal with fussy eaters here

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75 Responses to I don’t like vegetables! Book giveaway

  1. Lisa Maguire says:

    Would love to win this for my veggie hating little munchkin. 🙂

  2. Sam Turner says:

    I have a toddler and a husband who both turn thier noses up at vegetables. Would love some hints and tips on getting them both to enjoy more veggies. Pick me to win a copy…PLEASE 🌽

  3. rosieapple1 says:

    This book sounds great! Encouraging children to eat vegetables is always tricky. The children you visited at school were very lucky, sounds like a fantastic time was had by all! I could certainly use a book like this to motivate my don to eat more vegetables.

  4. Rachel says:

    Getting children to eat healthily is incredibly hard but I cannot help that think that this is because we, the adults, have poor nutritional understanding and habits. Hopefully, ingraining good eating practice into our children will not only improve their diets, but the messages they pass on to their children.
    Well done, Mrs. C. It’s the workshops that are most impressive!

  5. Emma burley says:


  6. Lisa Rajah says:

    Both my children eat well. However it is a limited list of foods. I hope this book would help introduce some new vegetables into thier diet.

  7. Lois Taylor says:

    All help with getting my toddler to eat more veg gratefully received!

  8. Jemma says:

    This would a great help for meal times in our house! It would saves me picking all the ‘bits’ out of my 3 yr olds dinner 🙂

  9. carissa williams says:

    This book looks great, would love it for my very fussy son 🙂

  10. Sally says:

    Would love to win a copy of this book to encourage my 3 year old to eat vegetables. She doesnt often eat them when they are part of a meal and inspects her food for any sign even when I discreetly blend in.
    I have run out of ideas x

  11. Julie Hudson says:

    Such a good idea. I run a cooking class for young children where one of the aims is to introduce children to new foods and get them involved in the cooking process. As a parent myself, I know the challenges of getting the little ones to eat vegetables and healthy food.

  12. Liz says:

    My 3 yr old just announced “I don’t like vegetables!” as I was getting dinner ready. That’s not strictly true as she’ll eat carrots and broccoli but I’d love a copy of the book to help encourage her to eat a broader range of veggies.

  13. Fechti says:

    Great book and I would love to win this for my no Veg eating Superman. Getting him to eat healthily is incredibly hard but I cannot help that think that this is because some of us, not me, have poor nasty habits. Hopefully, one day I have a chance to take him to one of those workshops as those are most impressive!

  14. Nikki says:

    As a mum to 6 children and I make sure they eat their veg and healthy food there is always a stage of one of them refusing veg. Even mixing veg into other foods doesn’t phase children. Would love to find hints and tips to keep my children healthy eating

  15. Mary says:

    This book is such a good idea! Both of my children have insisted that they don’t like vegetables due to the fact that I would blend them up when they were toddlers to hide them….I though I was clever at the time but now realise they should have got used to eating them properly at that age! Thankfully I’m strict of this and they have to eat 6 mouthfuls if veg each meal time and now slowly are finding some veg to their liking!

  16. Cassandra Stones says:

    If you can get my extremely fussy eater to eat veg and fruit I will be forever in your debt. So many tears (mainly from me) and tantrums over veg even just getting him to touch them. It’s heartbreaking.

  17. Isabelandedithsmummy says:

    I need this book! My little girl turns her nose up at anything that is green!

  18. Lucy Cheffy says:

    What a great campaign and brilliant idea. My 4 year old was great during weaning but as soon as he could assert himself became a fussy eater. I’d love some tips to encourage him to be more adventurous and go beyond cucumber when it comes to fruit and veg.

  19. Angeliki says:

    Good luck in your effort!

  20. Donna Gilligan says:

    My kids love veg, but they also love books, and we all need encouragement to try unfamiliar things

  21. Laura says:

    As a mum of a 3 year old, and another little one on the way, this sounds perfect! I think it’s brilliant that the author dressed up as a carrot to promote healthy eating :0) I’m sure my daughter would love hearing about Joe-Bergine, Molly-flower and friends. This would definitely encourage her to eat more veg!

  22. Sarah Hook says:

    My son refuses all vegetables. 😦 Also anything “the wrong shape”, in sauce, “too meaty” or unfamiliar. I am desperate for any help to help him master these eating problems before they become ingrained. He’s 4. HELP!!!

  23. Clare says:

    A year ago when my baby came along prematurely I spent 3 months back and forth to hospital and my now 4 year olds diet suffered. He spent so much time away from me and meals were always hurried ‘quick meals’ and he began comfort eating big style. It was a real blow when my HV informed me he was overweight – in all the worry of my tiny poorly baby and juggling hospital visits and homelife, my older sons diet, and weight had become overlooked. I felt guilty so allowed him more treats and larger portions then he should have had. For that I feel guilty, however, from the point of my HV pointing out what I had been beginning to see, I altered his diet dramatically. He took it very well considering. We went back to basics and I am so proud of him and myself for making such a crucial change at such an important time in his life. He now asks for broccoli for tea!!
    I would love this book to help re-iterate why eating healthily is so important at the times he wavers and also to show him how well he’s done. It would also be a great resource and help along the way with my little one too!!

  24. oana79 says:

    Oh, I have a four year old who desperately needs this! She takes little veggies and only cooked!

  25. oana79 says:

    I have a four year old who desperately needs this! She only takes veggies in soup!

  26. Carla sulemane says:

    I have a 7 year old and she hates vegetables i tried almost everything to make her try and eat even fruit she only eats banana and apple. Please pick me to win It would be nice knowing from an expert how to turn my little girl to eat her greens

  27. sharon dickson says:

    I love vegetables, sadly my Husband and Son are not so enthusiastic, would be good to have a read.

  28. CatM says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I’d love a copy. Not only would it be good for my toddler but the 9yr old cousin could really benefit from the hint!

  29. Andrea F says:

    Great advice. Thanks. I’ll certainly try it on my fussy 3 yr old. We are currently trying Tiny Tastes with limited success!

  30. Claire Smith says:

    Book looks fab and I’d love to win this for my non- veggie eating toddler! Thanks 🙂

  31. Alison Swain says:

    I have a daughter who is allergic to many fruit and veg and another who has sensory issues due to her SEN. We are limited to what they can/will eat-often raw carrots and cucumber, the occasional bit of broccoli/ corn on the cob or lettace- soooooo boring every day so definitely need some new ideas

  32. Sam says:

    the before/after school club i work at will benefit from this book it looks brilliant. we have several fussy eaters that wont eat any veg or fruit. but i believe i may get them a little bit more interested with a visual book to go with my vegetable and fruit interest table.

  33. lana conaghan says:

    My youngest (21 months) is reluctant to eat any vegetables except peas and sweetcorn. So anything to help her to be more accepting of trying them gets my vote!

  34. sarika says:

    Hi all, my both daughter are really fussy when it comes to eat vegetables. They do eat fruits. but big no for vegetables.

  35. Isabella says:

    Lovely, any help with getting little ones to eat veg would be great…I also have a grown up friend I’m always trying to convert too!

  36. Iisa says:

    I would life to win a copy of this book, it would help with more ideas for my 4year old and help with baby led weaning my 7 month old!!

    • Nena says:

      My son hates vegetables and says they are boring hopful your book will give me lots of ideas to encourage him and other kids love their veg….!!!!!! pick me please….

  37. jennifer rose says:

    I feel like i’ve tried everything but its still the daily battle!! Please pick me, I need the help and inspiration 🙂

  38. Louisa rankin says:

    My son is definitely of the “I don’t like vegetables” class – which is really odd as my daughter (and the rest of the family) love veg! Hoping its just a phase, albeit a rather long one!

  39. Helen says:

    What a great concept ! We would love to win this book as we have two children – our daughter (3yrs) who loves Broccoli ”Trees” and son (5yrs) who refuses to eat anything but potatoes !! This year we will start a vegetable garden so need lots of ideas to help encourage the children to eat them all up! Would be good to share with school too 🙂 Pick us please !! Thank you

  40. Theresa Cooke says:

    My son has always liked veg , he has just turned 4 and starting to dislike veg.

  41. Vicki Anderton says:

    Despite both my hubby and I loving salad and veg our eldest (2) won’t touch them and will move them all off her plate. As a baby we started weaning her with veg purees and she loved them so I don’t know where we went wrong. Maybe a copy of this book would help us and ultimately her to eat them again!

  42. Kathy says:

    I’m just starting up as a child minder and I’m sure ‘I don’t like vegetables’ will become a very familiar phrase. What better way of introducing a new generation to the benefits of eating tasty, fresh food in a fun way. Something that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

  43. Rachael says:

    Will. Try. ANYTHING!!!!! Would be great with a new born to try and prevent the fussiness happen this time around

  44. Amy says:

    My son is two and a half and has suffered recurring bouts of painful constipation for just under a year. He has regular medicine and prune juice but I wish he would eat more vegetables as I’ve been told it may help. No amount of hiding them inside his mash, eating them myself or the promise of ice cream will get him to eat his veggies. This book would very useful and he loves to read!!

  45. Claire Potter says:

    Reading this page made my eyes literally gleam
    as 2 of my 3 seem to find veg so obscene
    any help to avoid the sheer hell
    at every healthy family meal
    would be gratefully received – I could scream!!! ;o)

  46. Francesca Bell says:

    This sounds like a great way to get my son enthusiastic about vegetables, especially as he doesn’t really like meat! I also love the idea of using it in school- will have to look into it for healthy living topics!

  47. Lindsay Ritchie says:

    My 5 year old is so fussy! I am running out of ideas to get vegetables into her diet or at least past her lips!

  48. Gemma Windle says:

    I would love to win this for my friend who has a very fussy 10 year old. Also my 15 month old has just started dodging cold tomatoes after loving them from 6months.

  49. Debbie Burfoot says:

    My little one used to eat every fruit and veg when being weaned but now will barely touch any of them at 2..

  50. amanda hayes says:

    A copy would be greatfuly received by me! My one year old is just starting to turn his nose up and say no unless it has cheese on top!

  51. bekki says:

    Would love this as my husband is a very fussy eater and we are very keen our son does not end up the same. Thank you

  52. MICHELLE says:

    I would love to win a copy of the book. My daughter is really a fussy eater she hardly eats much 😦 and she don’t eat her veggies.

  53. Catherine Beary says:

    I have a 5 year old girl who will take a bite and then declare the dreaded veggie is YUK and proceeds to spit it out every time, I don’t know how to get past this and hate the waste. I would love some help from Hugh cumber to stop me from beeting myself into a pepper pulp and really want to start this new year on a pea picking positive note!! Would love a copy thanks!!

  54. Carmen says:

    My baby loves only broccoli!!! Would love some new ideas for cooking and serving lovely veggies!!!
    Thanks…,, veggie lover.

  55. Glenn Marvell-James says:

    I’ve got a 2 1/2yo vegetarian daughter who has gone off her vegetables… Help!!

  56. The only vegetables my 5 year old son will eat is carrotts and sweetcorn he claims however to love carrot soup! Carrot soup in his eyes is chicken and vegetable soup where I have stood for 10 minutes picking out the bigger bits of chicken, peas, onions, potatoes etc etc. His 9 year old brother then has all of the removed bits as he eats anything that doesnt bite or move.

  57. as a childminder this book would be very usefull ,as i have quite a few ” i dont eat veg ” mainly there parents i find who choose not to give them or try new things with them its all about hiding them i find the veg lol not the kids ! and the children soon try things , but a book to use with the children would be very good , happy new year to everyone on here x

  58. Lauren Morgan says:

    As a childcare practitioner this book would be really good for me to use in settings and help children to eat more vegetables and help promote healthy eating!
    Great Book!

  59. Natalia Redfern says:

    What a great job the author is doing, the book sounds fantastic and I admire all the work she is putting into making our childern healthier! Thanks netmums for giving us all a chance to win a copy of the book also.

  60. leona cairns says:

    My children used to eat all vegetables but lately have been getting very fussy and won’t eat them at all. Would love this book to encourage them to try things again.

  61. maria summers says:

    I would love a copy of this book to donate to my daughters reception class. My daughter is incredibly fussy when it comes to her vegetables only eating raw carrots. She is encouraged both at home and school to try vegetables. Her school gives out fruit and vegetables at snack times and when she sees her friends eating them i think that encourages her to eat more, The school encourages healthy eating all through out the school so i really feel this book would help them carry this on. I am also on the pta so will be taking the idea about the vegeta- ball disco to them at our next meeting.

  62. MeeshG says:

    My kids will eat sone veg but refuse anything green!! I am fed up with having to hide them in their meals! This book may be the thing to get them to at least have a taste!

  63. Zenna Manning says:

    would love to win this book as get so frustrated with the cherubs acting disgusted by vegetables, have tried so many different things but every meal with visible veg is such a battle, I just want them to be strong, healthy AND happy 🙂

  64. Rowan Chamberlain says:

    ‘I don’t like it’. When did it all go wrong ? Our darling son, Alex, aged 2 yrs old, had baby led weaning, and is shown in numerous photographs on my phone eating all vegetables, noodles, potatoes ( not chips) and now – pasta, cheese & toast would be his staple diet if he could get away with it. Loves books mind and does pick up on the concepts / morale of the tale so it would be great to get this book on board. many thanks

  65. Julie says:

    My little boy insists he doesn’t like vegetables AT ALL unless their whizz end up in a soup where they don’t resemble a vegetable anymore!
    I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and so I ask myself how can it be that my son won’t eat them! :0) he certainly did as a baby but now has dug his heels in. I have even grown them with him last summer but he won’t eat them! He recently had heart surgery and I would love nothing more than to feed him lovely food to help him keep in good health. I need all the help I can get with my stubborn little man! If this book is fantastic please send one my way …

  66. Kirsty Franks says:

    front cover looks amazing so cant wait to see whats inside! I would love a copy of this for my two year old. she turns her nose up at anything green so matter how i disguise them. would also love tips for snacks other than just raw veg and also some quick recipes for those days where we barely have time to sit down please 🙂

  67. Melissa Osborne says:

    My 2 boys age 7 and 5 have always shied away from vegetables, even peas and sweetcorn which used to be eaten with relish are now pushed aside. The only thing they eat regularly are cherry tomatoes, and they are techinically a fruit!! I would love to win a copy to help me with a seamingly impossible task of getting them to eat more healthily. PS – They see my husband and I eat plenty of different vegetables, I am a vegetarian and just love my veg and pulses…yum !! Thanks !!

  68. sarah says:

    would love to win this. My two aged 2 and 5 always ate there veg when weaning. Now all they eat is banana. We all together, I praise them etc and still nothing. Me and my hubby eat all our veg and we encourage ours to try, but they wont.

  69. Kaja Carson says:

    My 6 year old son will not eat any vegetables. I have tried everything, searched the internet, paid for Canadian online book, got him to help prepare in the kithcen, everything anyone suggested. He is adamant he doesn’t like vegetables and, short of force feeding him them, I am at a loss to know what to do. I am a single working Mum. I hope we win this book and we can try some new ideas to feed him properly.

  70. Tansy Polwarth-Carter says:

    Would like to win this to get help with encouraging my children and my so called “educated” husband to eat their greens, and to try out other veggies.

  71. michelle higgs says:

    This would really help me as my daughter will not eat any veg. Simply because of its colour! X

  72. leigh says:

    I need this!! My eldest refuses to eat anything that isn’t pasta or noodles or sketti yet my others eat anything

  73. Rosalind Blight says:

    You don’t know how much I need a book like this my 6 year old daughter has cerebral palsy but won’t eat vegetables. If she doesn’t eat she goes very lethargic and pale. It is a vicious circle

  74. Amy Wright says:

    What a challenge – love the comment about using the tips for husbands as well!
    Currently hiding veg in stews & pasta for 3 yr old, and encouraging 1yr old to explore as much as possible. And persuading husband to lead by example!

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