New Year’s Resolutions – why bother?

Bye bye 2013 – hello 2014. It’s a brand new shiny new year!new year

Presumably you greeted a tall dark handsome stranger on your doorstep bearing the gift of a lump of coal (despite the fact you have a gas fire) and have welcomed in the new year with a few glasses of fizz.

And now comes the time when you are traditionally supposed to make new year resolutions.

This is the year (you vow) when you will be thinner, happier, more successful, learn to salsa/crochet/speak Italian, write a novel, give up smoking/wine O’clock/eating cheese past 9pm……This year you’ll never shout at your kids when they throw a massive paddy in a public place, you’ll make time for romance and date nights, you’ll retrain as a midwife/chef/Dragon’s Den inventor of the thing that will make you squillions….And all will be right with the world.

The thing is – we set such unrealistic expectations and when we give in and ‘fail’ by January new year plansthe third we feel miserable.

Come January the 3rd we find ourselves shrieking at the kids when we vowed to always be serene, we scoffed three left over mince pies and three strawberry creams despite vowing to only eat porridge oats and home made vegetable broth (well – they were about to go out of date – would have been such a waste) and we made some pathetic excuse not to go to the gym/pool/crochet class (as it was a bit chilly out).

Don’t get us wrong – there’s nothing wrong with making plans and trying to better ourselves and our ways…it’s just that January is such a miserable month to start. You’re skint, it’s freezing and dark by 4pm, you’re knackered and run ragged after all the festive family shenanigans…

It’s a kind of snuggle up, stay indoors, be kind and treat yourself kind of month – instead of a wintersparkly new ‘vow to change’ kind of month we think.

The kind of month where it is nicer to eat up the scrummy Christmas leftovers (the diet can start tomorrow), where the closest thing to exercise will be crossing our legs in front of a fire and when we all feel a bit lethargic and uninspired to swan off and learn new life-affirming skills.

So by all means make some resolutions – but don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up and don’t stick to them. If you’re making any – make sure they are realistic and that they will really make you happier. And if you slip up early on then don’t give up – shelve your plans for a while and try again.

Instead of denial type resolutions why not make positive fun resolutions? Vow to phone happy mumsfriends and get out more, vow to laugh more, vow to find more ‘me-time’, vow to go to the cinema/read books more….

Book a holiday for summer to have something to look forward to (with loads of time to save up), organise a few get togethers with family and friends throughout the year, book a weekend way with your partner….

Make any new year’s plans happy ones and ones that will be easy to keep and let’s make 2014 a good one!

Happy new year everyone

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1 Response to New Year’s Resolutions – why bother?

  1. zara Abbott says:

    My son don’t like the word No what can i do about it and we try doing things with him and he just throws apady if we show him what to do with things please help me x

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