2013 – the year that was – New Year scrolls

The days before new year can be a good time to gather up the kids and reflect back on the year and all they did and achieved. Here is a lovely activity to do with the children – if you make them each year they are lovely keepsakes to look back on too as the years roll by.

How to make your scrolls

1. Soak some teabags in warm water and then use them to soak a piece of white paper all over.


2. If you have impatient little people then use a hairdryer to dry out the paper then either tear or burn the edges (to burn them use a lighter over the sink – one for adults to do carefully!)

3. Cut two short lengths of ribbon and place at the bottom of the scroll. Then drip candle wax over the top of the ribbon and press in a coin as a seal.


4. Now think back over all the things your children have done or achieved this year. Did they lose their first tooth, learn a new skill, get a certificate, go on a fab holiday, get a new pet…..

Here is one from a 5 year old who started school:


One from a ten year old


And one from a couple of years ago from a seven year old

scroll1We’d love to know what your children added to their scrolls if they make them. Do tell us and also tell us what the highlights of the year for you were?

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