Escape the four walls and blow away the cobwebs

Ah Christmas. If you’re anything like us then you’ll have spent the last few days snarfing cobwebturkey and mince pies and Quality Streets, drinking one too many eggnogs (what is eggnog?),lounging about inside in front of the fire/telly in your festive Onesie and moving as little as possible!

But now the big day is over the kids are no doubt starting to climb the walls and everyone needs to get out there and blow away the cobwebs.

We’ve put together a post Christmas escape plan for you! If anyone starts to moan ‘I’m booooored’ then put it into action.

Head to the beach.

Yep – you read that right. It may sound bonkers but if you wrap up warm the beach in winter beachwinter can be lovely. It’s certainly not crowded and it’s a great place to run and walk and even jump waves (in wellies not bare feet!).

Take a flask of hot chocolate and some snacks (home made flapjack perhpas?) to keep everyone refuelled.

A fun winter beach game to play is to draw lots of lines across the beach – say ten or so. Everyone stands behind the first line except for the quiz master who stands on the final line. The quiz master asks each player questions in turn (general knowledge, spellings, sums…according to each player’s age and ability) and if a player answers correctly they jump forward to the next line, if they are wrong they stay where they are. First to the final line is the winner. And the prize is – erm… a pretty shell?!

Find local beaches here on Netmums

Have a treasure hunt at a castle

A firm family tradition of one of Team Netmums is to head to a ruined castle and once winter picnicthere one person hides loads of wrapped sweets about the place – on walls, in nooks and crannies… Then release the rest of the family and everyone has to roam about the castle and find their goodies. Brilliant fun. It’s amazing how the prospect of finding a Strawberry cream gets everyone moving! If you can’t find a castle that is open (some shut over winter) then head to the woods/park for your treasure hunt instead.

Pack a picnic

Again – turn a traditional summer activity on its head. Wrap everyone up in hats and scarves and gloves, pack a picnic (perhaps include some hot soup and rolls to warm up cold tums) and head for the great outdoors – explore the hills, the woods, a nearby park…. and have a stand up picnic at the end of your adventure.

Find local parks and places to picnic here

and some warming soup recipes to fill your flasks here

Head to a museummuseum

Museums are fab at this time of year – they often have new year family events and will always have interesting things to explore and do. Is there a museum you haven’t visited for ages? Are there any new events or activities on at your local museum? Check out the museums here and events here and head out for a day of discovery. You might even soak up some new knowledge about dinosaurs or Vikings or something to boot.

Splash about at the pool

Swimming in winter might mean wet cold hair afterwards but it’s worth it for an hour of splashing about and exercise to work off any excess energy. And you can always hide out in winter swimmingthe cafe with a hot chocolate whilst everyone’s hair dries. It might not sound appealing but grab your swimmers, chuck in a float or some diver weight toys (or a ball) and take the plunge.

Find reviews of local swimming pools here so you can work out which one is warmest and which has the best changing rooms!

Take the train

Plan your own railway adventure. If you’re lucky there might be a steam train or miniature railway near you that makes for a fun day out. If not – then plan a short trip on the train to a nearby town or village and go on an adventure.

Find miniature railways here

Ask on your local noticeboard abut nearby towns and places to visit and what to do when you get there

Something a bit differentwinter crazy golf

Is there a crazy golf course near you? An ice rink? An indoor climbing centre? An outdoor adventure playground? Find somewhere you either haven’t been before or haven’t visited for ages and have a family adventure day. Perhaps you can all play tennis at the local courts? Perhaps try brass rubbing? Explore a castle, Hire a boat?….. Do something a bit different that you seldom/never get round to doing.

If you’re really stuck and have browsed all the outdoor and indoor places to go then look for any family friendly events that are on here then find some ducks to feed!

‘You are going to go out and you are going to enjoy it’

Your key rules to this mission (should you choose to accept it) are to wrap everyone up snowmanwarm, ignore all whines about not wanting to go out and wanting to stay in and play on the Nintendo DS/iPad/X-box instead (just cover your ears and sing ‘La la la’ if it helps) and bundle everyone hastily into the car/to the bus stop.

Scoop ’em out and by the time they are there they will have so much fun they will have forgotten they would have happily stayed by the fire in their Onesie instead.

Have fun blowing away those cobwebs.

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