Get the glitter out it’s nearly Christmas

This blog is from our resident craft expert (Nicola) who has been getting the glitter, the

Loo roll fairy that has seen many a Christmas on top of the tree

Loo roll fairy that has seen many a Christmas on top of the tree

white paint and the cotton wool out with excitement as she has been crafting for Christmas.

It’s the most exciting time of the year and what better way to decorate your home than with some homemade crafts the kids have made?

We’ve put together some gorgeous ideas to get crafty this Christmas.

No sew sock snowmen

We always love it when you find an easy peasy no sew craft idea. Here’s the perfect use for  those odd socks from the mysterious lost sock heap! Fill a white sock with barley or rice. Secure with a rubber band and add another rubber band near the top to make the head.

Then add buttons for eyes and well..buttons and a piece of felt for the nose and a mini knitted hat and scarf. Innocent smoothie hats are the perfect fit (and if you buy them you’re helping Age UK too) and if you can’t find a tiny scarf then cut a piece of ribbon or felt. These are just fab and oh so cute. Why not make an army of snowmen to sit on the mantlepiece?

snowman sockHand and thumb print Christmas crafts

The fun you can have with hand and thumb prints.

Use them to make these  fab Rudolphs.

xmas deer big

These cute snowmen (great for cards and gift tags)

xmas tag big

You can also use lots of green hand prints to print a Christmas tree, print little brown and red thumbprints to make robins or print brown fingerprints to make reindeer.

Oh Christmas tree…

We’ve got a bit of a thing for buttons! Use them to make this fab tree picture.

xmas buttons big

Or pin them to a polystyrene ball to make this amazingly pretty bauble. (You can buy polystyrene balls, bags of buttons and pins from Hobbycraft and other craft shops)

button bauble

Or thread them on pipe cleaners to make this pretty decoration.

xmas button tree big

Or transform a pine cone into a colourful tree with little felt balls, pom poms or scrunched up bits of tissue.

xmas felt bigOr use bun cases to make these simple but oh so pretty little trees.

xmas buns bigOr paint Christmas trees with old toothbrushes

xmas toothbrush tree

Or snip off branches from a Christmas tree and dip in paint to make these wintery scenes

xmas pine tree

Let it snow…

Make your own indoor snow by grating value soap and adding a little water and then create snowy scenes with cake decorations or plastic winter animals.

xmas snowscene big

Or make your own snow paint by mixing shaving foam and white paint to make these fab snowmen pictures.

bb snowpaint

Use cotton buds to make snow fall from the sky.

xmas trees big

Or use bun case containers to make pretty wintery wonderlands to hang on the tree.

xmas bears bigFind all these gorgeous Christmas craft ideas and more over on Netmums.

And whilst you’re feeling crafty, why not make some gorgeous Christmas decorations?

Or some unique handmade gifts?

We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up over on Netmums – everything from decorations, recipes, homemade gift ideas and much much more. Unwrap it here.

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1 Response to Get the glitter out it’s nearly Christmas

  1. Ian says:

    Does anybody know where we can get the plastic Christmas characters from, to use with the grated soap for the ice skating scene? I’ve been looking high and low online and locally! Thanks in advance, Dad and excited daughter :-).

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