Team Netmums hits Bath

Last weekend we went AWOL for the annual Team Netmums weekend away. Nearly all of our team work from home and so we rarely get to see our colleagues in the flesh, so we tend to get a bit giddy at the prospect of a weekend away with them.

bath outsideWe tell our partners it’s ‘just a work thing’ when in reality it’s very much NOT about talking shop but all about getting to know our colleagues a little better, sharing a bit of gossip and eating our way through a family tub (or two) of chocolates. That and games of Sardines and Spoons! (They are a Netmums institution after all.)bath cards

We often arrive a bit frazzled, having made journeys across land, sea and air from our respective corners of the country, but always leave relaxed, refreshed and bursting with funny stories and photos to share with our families when we get back home.

This year we hired out a large Georgian townhouse in the gorgeous city of Bath. If you want a city centre venue that’s walkable from public transport, great for groups or large families and extremely comfortable and welcoming than Rennie House is the perfect place. It’s very much a home away from home type of house (although none of us have a home as well equipped or pretty as this one!)

Emma from the team pretty much headed straight for the huge bath in the master bathroom – she had travelled down from the Orkney Islands to Bath so we’ll let her off!  The rest of the team made ourselves right at home, kicking back on the comfy sofas for a catch up and a cuppa – a welcome change from the noise, clutter and chaos of our own homes!

bath rennie houseSo what else did we get up to? There was lots of food and drink involved; more silly games (a ‘Spoons’ face-off always happens); a bit of pampering (thanks to our resident self-taught beauty expert Jenny) and lots of tea drinking. We shopped till we dropped and took in a bit of culture with a trip to the Jane Austen museum and the Roman Baths. We even dragged oursleves away from Rennie House to hit the town for a  lovely meal at the Southgate Pizza Express. Much as we love our kids we also love our dough balls and it was nice to tuck into a portion without having to stop little fingers from swiping them all and contaminating the garlic butter. Our lovely waitress Hannah – who told us she’s studying childcare at college and uses our site for research – was very excited to meet some real, living Netmums in the flesh. We hope she wasn’t disappointed…We tried to be on our best behaviour!

bath pizza

Of course, like all good things, our weekend was over in a flash and suddenly it was Sunday and we were packing our bags and hugging each other goodbye, happy to have put a face to that person we’ve never met before and to reconnect with each other before heading back home to our virtual Netmums offices. We’ve brought home some great memories (and slightly expanded waistbands…) and are already thinking about next year’s get-together. Who knows, we might just end up in a town or city near you…

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