Blog of the Week – Top 5 Life Lessons from a Former Rock n’ Roll Mum

Blog_of_the_week_badgeThis week’s Blog of the Week comes from the ever fabulous Ramblings of a Former Rock n’ Roll Mum.  In this post she imparts some of her top 5 life lessons that she has learned along the way – from following your dreams to not being afraid to make a fool of yourself. Here’s what she’s got to say…..

Now what would you add to the list?


The lovely Kate Takes 5 has made a storming return to her Listography linky with her fabulous post about her Top 5 Life Lessons. Here are mine:-

1) Don’t be afraid to make a tit of yourself.

Now I am properly old I have decided life is too short to turn down opportunities through biggest fearfear of embarrassing yourself. Take this coming weekend- I am on a panel next week that sees me sitting alongside some luminaries of comic writing. I could have said ‘No, I am not worthy’, but I said yes. I don’t know as much as them, there is every chance I will make a fool of myself and I will be properly terrified on the day, but I know I will be proud of myself for giving it a shot. Pop a toe outside your comfort zone sometimes, unless you are near one of those fish pedicure things, in which case run away fast.

2) Don’t leave it too late.

My Grandad died last week, and just before he died I wrote a blogpost about the things I wish I had thanked him for, but couldn’t get the words out at a time of such heightened emotion. Share the love now, and everyday. Don’t save your kind words for someones eulogy, tell them to their face while they can hear and enjoy it.

3) Be Brave.

Sometimes the good things in life take a real leap of faith to gain. I guess the normal advice is don’t be rash, but I think sometimes trusting your gut is a good thing, unless it’s gambling, probably unwise to bet your house because you have a ‘good feeling’ about a gee-gee!

4) Follow your own dreams, not those the media suggests you should have.

It is always lovely to have dreams, but it is loveliest when those aspirations are genuine dreamsand heartfelt rather than borrowed from the pages of a glossy magazine. For example I used to have visions of one day being grown up enough to live in one of those beautiful homes you see so often in the Sunday supplements. You know the ones I mean, all pastel coloured and clutter free apart from the occasional vintage find sourced from a flea market in Belgium. It took me until my mid-thirties to accept that I am a total slattern with a love of collecting kitsch nonsense, and to adjust my dream home vision accordingly. Now I want to live in a colourful, cosy home, with lots and lots of shelving, possibly with a garden inhabited by pink plastic flamingos, and preferably a summer house that has been converted into a Tiki themed bar.

5) Not everybody has to like you, and vice versa.

I am not everybodies cup of tea, and there are plenty of people who aren’t my maraschino decorated cocktail as well. But that is fine, it takes all sorts to make the world go around. I am not suggesting we are mean to those who we may not be crazy about, I am a huge believer in being nice to everyone. In fact figuring out why you dislike someone can teach you something about yourself. I am more saying so what if someone isn’t a fan of you, don’t dwell on it, or assume it says something bad about you. Maybe they secretly envy the very aspects of you that they profess to dislike, or maybe your tastes just clash or perhaps you just smell wrong (am not suggesting you smell bad, you smell lovely, it’s a pheromone thing!). Who knows? My advice is be kind to them, be respectful to them, and then move along as quickly as possible to someone you can have a proper giggle with.

If I was allowed more I might include- don’t take advice off of me, (I know nothing and am rambling over my first cup of coffee of the day), and to always remember stuff in the oven is hot. The latter I have learnt to my cost on many occasions – someone tie an oven glove round my neck every time I step into the kitchen please.


What lessons have you learnt as you have gone through life? We’d love to know what you would add to the list

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3 Responses to Blog of the Week – Top 5 Life Lessons from a Former Rock n’ Roll Mum

  1. I saw this on the original and I love it 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    I would add ‘choose your battles carefully’….. I can remember getting proper het up about loads of things when I was a much younger woman that, for the life of me, I can’t understand now why they mattered so much – well, I can, I think….. often, it was to do with ego or an inferred slight and, believe me, such things matter so much less as you get older…!

  3. nikkibasi says:

    I absolutely LOVE this article!! Thanks for such great reminders! I really connected to your style of writing! Thanks so much for sharing! Keep doing awesome work!

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