Bonfire night – Make yours go with a sparkle

Team Netmums have been packing our Halloween decorations away, popping the pumpkins on the compost heap and getting ready for one of our favourite celebrations of the year – Bonfire Night. (Even though quite a few of our kids are still a bit green (red/grey/white) around the gills due to Halloween face paint that just won’t wash off…)


Here at Netmums we LOVE Bonfire night with the fireworks, the bonfires, great craft ideas and of course all the fabulous food that goes with this very British celebration.


We’ve put together a round up of fab ideas to make your bonfire night go with a sizzle and a bang.

Crafts with a splash of colour

Get crafty and make some colourful firework and bonfire creations. We love splatter painting (so much messy fun).

splatter paintAnd this brilliant idea of using pipe cleaners as prints to make fireworks.

pipe cleaner printingFind more craft ideas here.

Light up the skies
Whether you are having fun with sparklers in the garden or heading off to a fireworks display, wrap up warm and stay safe. Read our top tips for having a happy and safe bonfire night here. What’s more fun than writing your name in the dark skies with a sparkler? (Well – probably quite a few things – but it IS so pleasing!)

Sparklers Nicolasparklers feena

Find local fireworks displays here on your local Netmums site.

Warm up hungry tums
Treacle toffee, toffee apples, steaming jacket potatoes in foil, warm mugs of soup. There’s something magical about eating bonfire food outside on a cold night. Make your own ‘sparklers’ by dipping bread sticks in melted chocolate and then covering the tips with hundreds and thousands – an easy peasy fab idea.

bonifre foodFind some warming bonfire night food ideas here.

What are you up to for Bonfire night? Will you be going to a display or going DIY at home or just watching from the windows?

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1 Response to Bonfire night – Make yours go with a sparkle

  1. Samantha dean says:

    Hi everyone just wanted to say great ideas! There is no bonfire night laid on in my area (tower Hamlets London ) we had a fireworks display which was good but it’s just not the same. I live in a flat so I am going to have my bonfire in a chimenea on the balcony complete with mini guy Fawkes and marshmallows. I want the kids to know the tradition which is completely lost in the public domain in London . Is it due to health and safety considerations or simply a dissolving of British traditions?

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