Halloween’s coming – Halloween ideas round up

BOO! Did we scare you?

It’s Halloween this week and we’ve put together a round up of some great ideas for gruesome food to serve, fabulous costumes to wear and brilliant Halloween crafts to make.

The food

Bloodshot eyeballs, bats blood or melon brains anyone? Find some gruesomely good delights in out Halloween food pages over on Netmums. We love these eggy eyes for a devilish delight.

eyesAnd these gruesome witches’ fingers

witches fingersAnd these cute fairy cakes for a sweet treat (especially love the ghost one made with rolled fondant icing – fab)

Halloween buns

The costumes

Trick or treating is a must for little ones on Halloween. Will they dress up as a witch, a cat, spider costumea spider? Find some great costume  ideas here in our gallery and on our dressing up ideas page.

If you’ve left it a little late here are some easy last minute chuck it together ideas:

  • Zombie school child – rip and cut jagged edges on old school uniform and add blood splatters with food colouring. Then paint faces green or grey or white for that undead look.
  • Cute spider – stuff old tights with tissue or cotton wool (or even newspaper) and sew them onto a black top or jumper to make spider legs. Add a black hat with sewn on felt eyes (or glued on if you’re not handy with a needle)
  • Mysterious mummy – wrap your child in loo roll or cheap bandages or even ripped up white sheets to make them into a mummy!
  • Ghastly ghost – cut holes in an old white sheet and add a mouth with black marker pen and you’ve got the easiest ever ghost costume – simples!
  • China Doll – splatter an old party dress and tights with red food colouring and rip it up a bit. Then paint a white face and red lips and tie hair in two bunbches or plaits for an eerie china doll look.

china dollHalloween games

Planning a Halloween party? We have some fab games to play here. Our favourite is Dress spaghettithe Mummy where you simply wrap each other up in loo roll against the clock! (we are easily amused though). The brilliantly named game of ‘Brain Digging’ is fab too! Simply cook up a massive bowl of spaghetti and hide ping pong balls with ‘Trick or ‘treat’ written on them. If a child pulls out a treat he gets a sweet or prize, if he pulls out ‘trick’ he has to do a silly forfeit.

Pumpkin carving

Whether you go for a traditional easy spooky face or a much more elaborate carving like this fab Darth Vader we have top tips on how to carve pumpkins.

darth pumpkinHalloween crafts

Get the craft box out and make some fantastic spooky crafts with the kids. We’ve a great selection of ideas – most made out of things you’ll find lying about the house. Find all the lovely craft ideas here.

halloweenCheck out our Halloween Guide where you can find all these ideas in more detail and many many more. It’s stuffed fuller than a witch’s cauldron.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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