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It’s Friday – which means it’s time for another Team Netmums blog and this week we’ve been looking back on the days when we used to dress in hitched up skirts and scratchy shirts with wide collars, spending our lunch breaks doing handstands against the wall and playing kiss chase with the boys. Ah …the good old days. Sadly we couldn’t persuade anyone to hand over photographic evidence!


There’s been a brilliantly nostalgic thread on Netmums this week with members reminiscing about their school days and all the things they used to get up to that would be banned these days with all the (often) crazy ‘elf’ and safety rules. It got us all chatting at Team Netmums too and we have put together our jumbled memories of our school days and antics.


At one time all across the land the lunch bell meant everyone would pour out into the bulldogplayground for a game of British Bulldog. If you’re too young to remember (or were one of the shy ones that stood on the edge quietly playing Cats Cradle and fearing for your safety) it was a game that took over the entire playground with two teams charging towards one another to get to the other end without being ‘brought down’ by the ‘bulldogs’ (often the biggest scariest kids) standing in the middle. Anyone wrestled to the ground became a bulldog until there was no one left to catch. There was a constant stream of bulldog injuries at the end of each break and the game was banned for being ‘too violent’ in the mid 80s.

Here’s an extract from the British Medical Journal, June 1985 about one boy’s injury from the game:

“His neck was flexed forcibly while his head was against the floor, and immediately after the injury he had severe pain of the cervical spine … [which] shows that games such as British bulldog can be as dangerous as rugby football.”


Those that didn’t join in invariably spent their lunch breaks playing Kiss Chase (or variations such as the charmingly named ‘Kiss, Cuddle or Chuck in the nettles’), doing handstands against the wall (flashing their knickers to all and sundry), leaping off rusty climbing frames with concrete underneath, bashing each others knuckles with conkers or skidding on ice in the winter time. It’s amazing we’re all still in one piece.

P.E.cross country

Oh the horrors of P.E. If you forgot your gym kit you had to face the humiliation of doing it in your knickers and vest (hoping you had good undies on and your mum hadn’t given you knickers with the wrong day of the week on them!).

In secondary school many of us remember cross country runs (usually at sub zero temperatures) through parks, woods and fields, completely unsupervised by the teachers. One of the Team remembers the day Simon Brown lost a toenail and almost half his toe as a stonkingly heavy metal balance bar (which two spindly weedy pupils were trying to set up) fell on it and spurted blood all over the gym hall.

The classroom

We remember warm milk in little glass bottles (showing our age here…). In winter time you had to scrape a huge milk bottlesbit of iced milk off the top before you could drink it. In summer time it was practically curdled. often it had holes in the metal lid where birds had pecked it! And there was no opting out – you had to glug the whole bottle whether you liked it or not.

Then in art there was ultra stinky glue that filled the classroom with fumes – Copydex and Cow glue…brilliant for painting all over your hands so you could then peel it off when it dried.

There was often a huge metal pencil sharpener attached by a vice to the teacher’s desk – the perfect size for small fingers…

And many of us had a class pet – fish, gerbils, mice even chickens… which you used to beg your parents to take home to look after in the school holidays. No mention of the fact that anyone might be allergic to them.

And classtimes could be interrupted for Nitty Nora to forage through your hair for headlice or for the school dentist to make you all pop a disclosing tablet in your mouth to paint any decay in bright purple.


Amongst the usual memories of tapoica pudding, soggy semolina and pink custard some of us also creamola foamremember having tubs of Creamola Foam on the tables – if you haven’t heard of it – it was basically a load of sugar, chemicals and e-numbers which you added to water with a very exciting near volcanic eruption and fizz. Maybe not one of your 5 a day?

Then the secondary school tuck shop – ah the delights. You could scrimp on school dinners and head there instead  – it seemed to only sell gloriously unhealthy things like pickled onion Monster Munch, Red Cola, Wham bars and those Nik Nak crisps that stank to high heaven of fish!

Ah – the memories.


We’d love to hear about your school day memories too. Join in the chat here or leave us a comment on this blog.

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3 Responses to Team Netmums – School Daze

  1. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much for the memories ‘Creamola’ I had forgotten about that one!!!


  2. indreamworld says:

    Oh, the secondary school tuck shop! Forgot about that. I remember it being there the first year o so of being at high school and thought it was brilliant! 🙂
    Nik Naks were my favourite.

  3. beth says:

    What amazes me that I share lots of those memories, it makes me realise that across the the whole country we must have all had the same experiences, which I think is amazing!

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