Team Netmums – The time has come to say Goodnight

This week Team Netmums have been chatting about what would happen if (as has been mooted this week) CBeebies and Cbbc were to air later than 7pm.


‘The time has comenight night

To say Goodnight

To say Sleep tight til the morning light

Oh the time has come

To say Goodnight

It’s the end of a lovely day’

Are you singing along?

Especially when the children were little a typical evening in some of the Team Netmums household could go something like this:

  • Kids in jim jams, snuggled up watching a favourite show on telly.
  • CBeebies have spoken – it is  bedtime (it must be – they just said so).
  • Big sigh of relief and a quick moment to garner strength for the next bit of the evening..
  • TV is quickly switched off.
  • Then it’s wees, teeth brushed and everyone shooed up to bed.
  • Pause to deal with bedtime stories, extra wees, checking for monsters under the bed, answering random questions, finding Pipkin the favourite teddy, another wee, another drink of water, one more kiss goodnight, another wee (another?)
  • And…….
  • Relax!

Of course we all know we don’t have to rely on CBeebies to declare it is bedtime.

And we DO know there’s an off switch.

And we do read all the headlines and feel guilty about how much screen time our kids get.

And we’re also not suggesting every child should be plonked in front of the goggle box and stay there until the programmes end………

BUT we do admit that at the parenting ‘witching’ hour there has been many a time when bedtimethe kids were in pyjamas, drinking milk and winding down whilst watching a programme on CBeebies. And the Goodnight Song’ heralding the end of the day at 7pm is a godsend and one of those little things that just makes this parenting malarkey a little easier.

There can be no more pleas of ‘Can we just stay up for another 5 minutes to watch the next programme..’ as there aren’t any next programmes…There’s just a blank screen that says ‘See you at 6am’. Can’t argue with that.

And it might just be us but we find that the word of Sarah Jane or Pui seems to be accepted as gospel by many a pre-schooler and works much better than a naggy parent. So when they say (or sing) that it is bedtime then it is.

Imagine if they said that at 8pm or god forbid even later?

What do you think about the idea of children’s TV airing later than 7pm?


Banish bedtime battles with our Sleep Guide over on Netmums.

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3 Responses to Team Netmums – The time has come to say Goodnight

  1. beth says:

    I’m Looking for something that will have a similar effect on my 15 yr old!>??

  2. N lewis says:

    Then sky plus was invented and my girls have figured how to use the remote….. Lol cbeebies has to be the best of the children’s tv channels though, the others nick junior especially is 24 hours a day 😦 and that channel is full of adverts every 10 minutes! No adverts on cbeebies and find the shows far more educational that other tv channels for children. Xx

  3. Linda k says:

    Yes, I think it should be on later, their are already channels that go round the clock 24 hours including pop, tiny pop, kix babytv , duck tv, baby first and more. It should be on later so if you had tv in children’s bedrooms, it would lul them to sleep. I recommend cbeebies to be on 24 hours, channels made by baby experts go 24/7.

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