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keepsakeToday’s blog is from two mums, Rachel and Merry, who came up with an idea to set up their own business. They share their story of how they thought up their idea and turned it into business they love. They also are giving one lucky winner the chance to see for themselves how great their products are in a lovely competition. Read on to find out more…..


Baby clothes – you buy them or get given them, they are impossibly cute, your little one looks adorable in them.  Then, usually within about five minutes, they outgrow them.  Some are passed on to others as hand-me-downs, some are covered in stains or bobbled from the wash and are consigned to the bin or cut up to become dusters! There are, however, always those couple of babygrows that your bubba seems to wear more than any other, or particularly beautiful little outfits they are given or wear for a special occasion.  These most well-worn and special items of clothing are the ones that you can’t quite bear to get rid of as you sit sifting through the storage boxes.  The eternal question for parents therefore is what to do with those old baby clothes?  Most of us end up just putting them back in the box and leaving them in the attic to languish with the old toys and spiders.

Keepsake quiltIt was when Rachel’s eldest son Freddie was turning one that she felt a big pang of sadness when she was boxing up his tiny clothes to put away.  She spent ages picking them up and looking at them as each little outfit brought back memories of when he was tiny.  She picked out a couple of her favourite pieces and borrowed an ancient 1970’s Singer sewing machine and set about making a patchwork blanket for him.  She found it so lovely to see all his tiny clothes every day and snuggle up under them that she kept the blanket for herself.  She posted her creation onto Facebook and received some lovely feedback from friends and family – a couple of which requested her to make them a special keepsake from their clothes.  The snowball had started and having always been a creative person Rachel set about designing her own patterns for the keepsake animals.  Soon she was being Love Keep Createswamped by orders from friends and family and got chatting to her best friend Merry – the two of them put their heads together as to how they could really make a go of making the beautiful keepsake creations available to everyone and here we are over two years later!

And so LoveKeepCreate was born…The idea is simple, you send in your cherished baby clothes and they are transformed into a keepsake.  The clothes become beautiful keepsake animals, blankets, quilts and 3D pictures.  All of a sudden you can see those precious clothes out and about in your home, bringing you more pleasure and creating more memories.

We recently made a Keepsake Cat for a special member of the Netmums Team.  Feena's Keepsake Cat

Nicola from Team Netmums says:

“One day a parcel arrived and inside was a beautifully wrapped box with our Keepsake cat. Both my little girl, Feena, and I were delighted. We had sent away some cherished babygros and they had been lovely transformed into a very cute, utterly adorable cat with Feena’s name and date of birth embroidered on the cat’s soft paws. Rosie the cat now sits on the end of Feena’s bed and makes us both smile. It is so special as it is a reminder of her baby days. So much nicer than baby clothes stuffed in a box in the loft. We will treasure Rosie the cat forever.”

We would love to make a Keepsake Animal for one lucky Netmums member too.  Read on keepsaketo find out how you could be the proud owner of your very own Keepsake.

Also, as a new company we’re doing our bit to give something back.
We raise money for a different children’s charity every three months.  Each quarter a charity is chosen with the help of their customers and they play ‘Charity Match’.  Each order is invited to donate 50p to charity, for every donation LoveKeepCreate will match it with another 50p, so for every order taking part £1 goes towards charities.  We are currently raising money for the Alder Hey Children’s Charity in memory of Joseph Mitchell.  Joseph was the son of one of their customers who unfortunately lost his battle with Alagille Syndrome at the age of two.



Rachel and Merry have very kindly offered to make a Keepsake from cherished baby clothes for one lucky Netmums member. To enter the giveaway and be in with a chance of receiving your very own Keepsake simply leave a comment and from all comments received by midnight on September 30th we will pick out one lucky winner. The winner will be able to choose which Keepsake they would like to the value of £50 from the Love Keep Create website. Usual Netmums terms and conditions apply.

Visit the Love Keep Create website

Check out the Love Keep Create Facebook page

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104 Responses to Love Keep Create

  1. jodie harvey says:

    fantastic giveaway,hope im lucky enough to be picked 🙂 good luck every1 x

    • Kathryn Prentice says:

      What a fantastic idea and amazing keepsake, especially if you choose a special first outfit! Our little one was born a few days before Christmas so we have a sweet little babygrow with all things festive on it! Would love to be the winner, fingers crossed 🙂

  2. charlotte batkins says:

    wow such a lovely idea and a brilliant keep sake.x

  3. Yummy Mummy says:

    What a truly fabulous idea, never would have thought of such a thing 🙂 brilliant! glad i get to enter this competition, would absolutely love to win, my fingers and toes are crossed ❤ makes me feel even more sentimental now realising my baby is no longer a baby 😦 good luck to everyone 🙂 Love, Yummy Mummy xo

  4. T cook says:

    What a fab giveaway, would love to be a winner they are adorable and a brill way to cherish those memories, little ones grow up so fast, keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Lyndsay Kane says:

    Great giveaway, loving the lion and monkey.

  6. Claire Wallis says:

    Lovely Keepsakes ,A lot of thought & time into something so beautiful. Would love to have one of these in our home with all our beautiful memories wrapped into one. Good luck to whoever wins this beautiful item x

  7. Gemma Collins says:

    what a giveaway! so excited about this, a love finding new finds 🙂 now following on facebook too. fingers crossed to win this, a great idea from these lovely creators! fingers crossed to win, all the dragons, lions and monkeys are adorable! good luck to every one x

  8. ann says:

    so cute want to win this for a friend

  9. Donna Shiell says:

    Would love one of these, so beautiful! Such a lovely idea xx

  10. Heidi says:

    Lovely idea!! Would love to have on of these to give to my daughter when she’s older 🙂 x

  11. Stephanie coombes says:

    I have been looking at the keepsake bears but they all seem too hard and not soft for children… A memory/keepsake item would be lovely. Ut i want my daughter to enjoy it as well as me 🙂 i think this is a wonderful idea. Especially giving money to charity also.. My friends little one has been in alderhey recently and they do a wonderful job for babies who need just that extra care x x

  12. Suze Allatt says:

    These are so gorgeous!! I currently keep a couple of my sons little newborn baby grows in the drawer next to my bed, I haven’t know what to do with them but couldn’t bring myself to pack them away so something like this would be perfect, especially the monkey as they are his favorite animals

  13. Heather says:

    What a fab idea! I love it. Even if I don’t win, I’m off to dig out my favourite old baby clothes…

  14. Deborah says:

    I love this idea. A keepsake monkey for my little man would be a perfect way to remember his smaller times x

  15. Natalia Redfern says:

    Lovely idea, how creative and wonderful!

  16. I wish I’d thought of this!

    I have two beautiful not-so-baby babies and I refuse to part with their beautiful tiny sweet baby sick/poo smelling clothes!

  17. Nicola Grindrod says:

    Possibly the best I have seen of this type of thing. Gorgeous. Keep up the good work x

  18. Laura Zitver says:

    This is a lovely idea, so original. I will be looking into getting one of these toys or blankets as my baby has been given some gorgeous clothes from a great aunt very Dear to me.

  19. Shelley rex says:

    Wow I never new things like this existed! What a wonderful idea, a lovely way to keep treasured memories..I love the idea of being able to have it on show rather than in a keepsake box in my cupboard like i have now!

  20. Am wishing I’d kept afew more clothes now as such a beautiful idea. Gorgeous website.

  21. Mum to 2 little hand fulls says:

    What a lovely and novel idea also love the fact that charities benefit as well xx

  22. Carly says:

    What a fantastic idea. With our last twp, we were given a huge amount of second and third-hand clothes from friends and family, so the few bits that we bought for them became even more special (well, to me anyway!) We’ve now passed on most of the clothes to other friends so have jusy kept a few special bits as keepsakes. How lovely to be able to make sometiing that can be treasured!

  23. Laura Zitver says:

    Would love one of these for my little one who is 7 Weeks today! X

  24. Tracy says:

    I would absolutely love a keepsake animal especially a monkey for my son, Jake Axl. He has so many beautiful and cool baby outfits that it would be lovely for them to carry on being around as he grows up.

  25. Trupti R says:

    hope to get lucky……

  26. frankiesoup says:

    Oh how gorgeous! Anyone would be mad not to want one for their kids.

  27. Lorna Bain says:

    What a gorgeous idea, I’ve shared this link with a few of my friends who also have new babies.

  28. Mandy Blake says:

    Great idea, they look gorgeous and would mean so much…fingers crossed x

  29. Helen Thomson says:

    This is such a fantastic idea! I’ve got a new baby who is nearly 3 weeks old and about to start wearing his big brother’s babygros. It would be fabulous to be able to transform the special ones into a keepsake that would remind us of both of them as babies!!

  30. tash peters says:

    what an incredible idea and a fab competition, would love to win one of these

  31. Cassie Kinsman says:

    What a lovely idea. Such a fantastic keepsake. Would love to win this for my baby daughter. Got my fingers crossed!

  32. sanya karim says:

    Would love a keepsake. A unique gift for when the kids grow up.

  33. Debbie Tadman says:

    What a lovely idea, and I think it’s great you donate to charity too x

  34. Gemma Gott says:

    These are fab a lovely giveaway and i would love a keepsake animal for my baby daughter x

  35. beya thomson says:

    Wonderful idea, its so hard to get round to anything with all this stuff! Especially with 3! I would love to win 🙂

  36. lindsey fairlamb says:

    aw how cute are these would love to be a winner xx

  37. cheryl says:

    adorable 🙂 just about to become an auntie for the first time and this would be great 🙂 xx

  38. love this idea so much just perfect !! hv just had my 6 th and final little lady and hv a little outfit of all my babies wld love love this so much pulls at the heart strings ❤ xxxx lv a forever mummy

  39. Lianne Mills says:

    What a stunning idea. I have recently been going through all of the boxes of clothes I’ve been hoarding in the loft from both of my children. Every item I looked at held a special memory and knowing I couldn’t keep them all made me feel more than sad. This idea will save lots of Mum’s like the heartache of choosing what to get rid of. Fantastic idea xx

  40. Kate says:

    Wow, these are adorable! How clever! I would love to win for my beautiful daughter, she has an unusual name so I love getting her personalised products she can cherish. Fingers crossed!

  41. jess says:

    What a wonderful idea my boy is only a month old but boxing up his newborn outfits was realy hard yesterday as its true what al mummys say the time realy does fly by. I belive the saying now. Happy sewing x

  42. so lovely love these would love this I am having another baby next year it would be perfect gift to give to our little boy or girl from their little brother to welcome him or her to family xxx

  43. Nicola says:

    What a gorgeous way to keep precious memories close and long lasting x

  44. Michaela Broomfield says:

    Brilliant idea!! xxx

  45. Sam says:

    This is a fantastic idea, My Poppy is 3 and i havent parted with any clothes! Would love to win 🙂 Good luck to all! Xx

  46. Charlotte says:

    What a lovely idea, I’m already thinking which baby clothes I would use!

  47. Victoria Richardson says:

    These are so cute! I also love the blankets – such a lovely memory to keep forever!

  48. beth hutchinson says:

    Would love a keepsake for my boys

  49. Such a nice idea, the toys look lovely and something both parent and child can continue to enjoy together.

  50. Jennie Jordan says:

    This is a lovely idea. I’d love to be able to have a keepsake to remember those newborn cuddles by, it’s going so fast! xxx

  51. vicky vining says:

    What an absolutely fantastic idea. How special to turn cherished baby clothes into a such a unique keepsake.
    Would adore to have one of these memorable cuddlies.

  52. Katrina stephen says:

    I have a box for both my girls and I’m running out of space, I can’t bear to get rid of anything this would be a lovely way to keep them.x

  53. Lucy B says:

    what a lovely idea! Would love such a gorgeous keepsake

  54. Louise says:

    wow thats an awesome idea. Means all those clothes they grew out of far too quickly actually get some use!

  55. Candice J says:

    I love this. I have planned to use my little boy’s baby clothes for a keepsake since he was born – unfortunately I have zero sewing skills so this is absolutley the answer to my problem!

  56. alexis says:

    Such a wonderful, creative idea 🙂

  57. alexis says:

    What a wonderful idea x

  58. Isabelandedithsmummy says:

    These are wonderful! Would love to win one. X

  59. Just looked at my 5 week old son and had a little cry that all too soon he’ll be all grown up like his nearly 2 year old brother. Guaranteed that one of these would make me cry too, in a good way. Memories x

  60. Kate Smart says:

    What a lovely competition. I was drawn in by the beautiful cat straight away. Would love to have my very own animal keepsake! Wish I was as talented as these ladies!! X

  61. Laura says:

    What a beautiful keepsake! So personal!! I’d love to win one of these for my little girl who is growing up faaaaaar too quickly!! 🙂

  62. Tanya says:

    Fantastic idea!

  63. Abby Pulfer says:

    What a lovely idea. Think this is wonderful idea for memories for both parent and child alike. Very enviromentally friendly too. Small business are wonderful, when it comes to personal memories like this.

  64. Sarah says:

    These are gorgeous, the monkey teddy is sooo cute! I’d love to have some of my little boys babygrows made into one of these 🙂

  65. Wow! Struggling currently to think about putting my little lady into her own room, ( we co-sleep at the mo! ) being able to win this competition and keep a little piece of her close by when she’s being a big girl in her own room would make this clingy mummy very happy! 🙂 xxx

  66. Lyn says:

    Wow, these keepsakes are so beautiful! Such a wonderful way to treasure those favourite first outfits and have those wonderful memories. I would love one of the animals for my beautiful son!

  67. Laura says:

    Such a lovely idea, my little one is only 10 weeks, its gone by in a flash and I’ve already boxed up clothes that are too smal that I loved, would be great to see them on display or a lovely toy for my little man to have as a friend!

  68. Beverley says:

    So cute, cuddly and adorable. What a fantastic keepsake!

  69. Catherine says:

    I’ve seen a few of these keepsakes around, but these ones are far and away the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. Just gorgeous x

  70. Rochelle says:

    What a great idea!! I kept all of my 11 year old’s clothes in the hope that he would have a brother or sister! 9 years later he did. It’s so lovely that my toddler is now wearing my older son’s clothes but this would be a lovely keepsake with a bit of old and new clothes put together for them both to share. Fingers crossed!!

  71. This is an adorable idea! Love it.

  72. emma says:

    Lovely unique idea! would make excellent Christmas pressies, I’m surprised the site is not heard of more-BEAUTIFUL

  73. Lei says:

    I think it is a great idea that you can keep your little one’s bits in another form. I had a look through your website and found lots of interesting ideas! I wish I’d have all the money to buy them, but with me leaving my job and we are just start our business and the little one is costing all the time, I can only get one thing at the time, I will definetely pass this web on to my friends who are parents and share this great place to everyone I know. Really wish this business get bigger and more people can keep their little ones’ great memory as they grow way too fast. xx

  74. Fiona says:

    Oh wow they are so cute. I have been looking for the perfect present for my daughter. I’m going onto the website now to see how long they take etc to see if I could order one in timefor cChristmas.

  75. Amy says:

    This is a wonderful idea, that kitty is just too cute! I would love to win one of these for my little girl 🙂 xx

  76. Suzanne Boon says:

    Oh I would have loved this for my boys but I gave away most of their clothes 😦 I will keep my daughter’s though just in case!

  77. Shona Valentine says:

    Lovely way to remember those precious moments that pass in a flash

  78. RashR says:

    It’s a wonderful and cute idea by Rachel and Merry .My boys have grown but still I have kept their little things..will keep my fingers crossed for winning and wish all the best to all :-)….

  79. Rachael says:

    Absolutely adorable idea… My baby girl is growing so quickly and getting through clothes it would be a great way to cherish the precious first outfits x

  80. Tamara Cobb says:

    So very cute and such a cool idea. I have my wee girl’s old Moses basket filled with her outgrown clothes that I can’t part with. Who knows if I will ever have another baby (and if I do, will it be another little girl…??), so it is a nice idea to have use for the clothes rather than them just being used as a bed for the cats!

  81. Love it! Just had to put away a few of my 3 week old babies babygrows that I just love!! But sadly no longer fits. Would love something like this to incorporate her first set of babygrows 😀 ❤ xx

  82. lorna says:

    what a fantastic idea for a gift so unique.

  83. Leona Cairns says:

    I love these! What a brilliant idea to preserve all those newborn memories.. would love to win for my little girl x

  84. abbz says:

    this is such a fantastic idea!!! a brilliant present to put away for you child for when he or she gets older!!!

  85. Jazz says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Fingers crossed!

  86. what a great idea and soo cute! would love to win one for my little boy 🙂

  87. J Carlson says:

    Awww, these are gorgeous! Made even more amazing with the money to charity! Beautiful!

  88. Hannah says:

    Absolutely brilliant, gorgeous idea! Would make nice gift x

  89. Sylvia Main says:

    Love this prize 🙂

  90. Gill W says:

    These are stunning keepsakes. Wish I’d have known about these when my daughter was a baby. My friend has just had a baby though so would be a lovely gift to give her 🙂

  91. Sally says:

    A really lovely idea, would love to win one.

  92. lucy shaw says:

    This is an excellent idea and I will definitely be doing this with my sons clothes soon!

  93. lucyteacup says:

    Excellent idea for my sons clothes! I will definitely be doing this!

  94. Julie Armstrong says:

    Wow, what a fab idea! Would love to win one for my little girl as a keepsake x

  95. Isabel Elder says:

    Have literally just gone through this – opened the box in the loft of baby clothes to ‘sort them out’ and ended up not being able to part with lots of them. So many memories! Now I know what to do with the precious ones! Beautiful creations and a fab website – well done Mummies!

  96. louise slater says:

    Wow… what a gorgeous idea. Love it! I would be so happy to receive one in memory of my baby boy who so sadly passed away. Even more brilliant that raise money for such a precious cause too.

  97. Kirsteen says:

    Fantastic idea and also to think about giving back is also great. I’m sure you’ll make lots of happy mothers , fathers , aunties , godmothers, grandgparents, the list is endless, big pat on the back.

  98. Caroknz says:

    That dragon is too cute, I would definitely have to work out a sharing arrangement with my daughter!

  99. Carrena says:

    Their keepsakes look so perfect. I love companies like this. Such a great idea, philosophy and all made with love. Keep up the good work. xXx

  100. Kat Lemm says:

    They are so cute! I’d love to win one for my son! Xx

  101. Emma Dorber says:

    What a great idea the keepsakes are. I have a 4 year old who started school this week & a 15 month old. And while you can’t stop them growing up it’s good to save some special memories along the way.

  102. Vicky Hutchins says:

    These keepsakes are absolutely gorgeous! I love, love, love the dragon & the lion. Such a unique & innovative way to capture treasured memories.

  103. Kim Masters says:

    So very sweet.

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