Blog of the Week – ‘Mummy, what are those green bits round your eyes?’

Blog_of_the_week_badgeOur Blog of the Week is from Helen who blogs at Stickers, Stars & Smiles.

She tells of how her son pays her some lovely compliments but is also her greatest critic!


My son – my greatest critic.Blog of the Week

Is it only me that gets this?

He can be so lovely sometimes:

“Mum, you look beautiful in that dress”

Makes the heart melt doesn’t it? The honesty of kids. When they say stuff like that, well, you know that they mean it.

Its a double edged sword though, isn’t it?

As I discovered during an impromptu game of Guess Who, when my son picked me as the “character” to guess, and one of his clues was a little bit more personal that I might have wished for…

“She has hairy armpits”

I would just like to point out that this isn’t actually the case.


I put myself through considerable pain to get them waxed. But I made the mistake of taking my son once, and he sat in the waiting room reading Hello magazine, finding out about the new Royal Baby. Now he thinks that Mum has this done all the time he is at school, so I must have REALLY hairy armpits to need it to be done so much.

Never let a six year old in on your beauty secrets. particularly when you are the kind of woman that doesn’t really have too many…because you never quite got the hang of being a “proper” women…what with trying to be a domestic goddess and not getting handbags and all that shizzle…

You know you’ve got it very wrong, when you get comments on your hairy legs, but its even worse when, as you are reading to them before bed, and you are greeted with:

“Mum, what are those green bits around your eyes?”

That will be the bags caused by YOU waking me up six times a night three nights in a row because you are sharing a room with your sister, who snores…

….THATS what the bags are..!


Are your kids hyper-critical? Do they also give you wonderful compliments that melt the heart too?

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3 Responses to Blog of the Week – ‘Mummy, what are those green bits round your eyes?’

  1. Tina says:

    Awww, I love this post!
    I too have tried to bat away questions and comments about my somewhat non-existent beauty regime…
    The other week in a desperate attempt to find something suitable to wear on a ‘quite hot/coolish breeze/could rain later’ sort of day I asked my son (aged 4) if he thought my trousers looked ok, and he said ‘No’ straight out. Well, hey, I guess it’s all practice for him when he’s married with his own family and his wife asks him a question like that, she might eventually thank me for making him remain honest!! We can but live in hope….
    My daughter on the other hand, a year younger, said ‘Mummy, those trousers are FINE.’ Aww! See, now I don’t know who to believe!

  2. Oh bless him – at least he didn’t say what are those suitcases under your eyes? Clearly you’re just an amateur! 😉 xx

  3. Emma says:

    I will always remember me and my dd where in sainsburys shopping went down the men’s aisle get partner some deodorant and she comes out with mummy u used to be a man didn’t you ! Heads turned and Needless to say i was so embarrassed don’t know why she thought to say that she was 5 at th time

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