Team Netmums and the end of lazy hazy summer days

Ah lazy hazy summer…how we have loved you !summer days

The most lovely thing about you was being able to chuck all routine out of the window*

No alarm clock and stressy mornings timed to military precison. No stumbling about with blurry eyes to make packed lunches, nagging (we mean screeching) at everyone to get  to school before the bell.

Mealtimes happen haphazardly when a small voice pipes up that they are ‘staaaaarving’..

Bedtimes are when everyone flops. Bath times are replaced by dips in the paddling pool. And the children have acres of time to play, to giggle, to read, to play out on their bikes, to collect worms….

But you only have to ask any mum ‘Have you bought school shoes yet?’ and see the panic roll into their eyes to know that these relaxed carefree holiday days are coming to an end and Back to School is looming.**

And Back to School means you are immediately pinged back to the slavery of routine.

Your days become governed by the school bell, your weeks and months by term times.

There’s school and then homework..then friends  to play and tea to make and early to bed as it’s a school night.

There’s Sam’s hockey class on Monday, Emma’s ballet and Jack’s Tae-Kwondo on active kidsTuesdays, guitar lessons and drama on Wednesdays, gymnastics and swimming on Thursdays, Fridays are free but you have to get up at dawn for early football matches.

There are so many fantastic classes and opportunities for children these days. Everything from kayaking to stock animation. You name it – there’s probably a class for it. They are brilliant ways of learning new skills and making new friends.

The only thing is that if your children sign up for them all there is a danger of any free time being squeezed out of the week.

But – some argue – if they are not out and about keeping busy they just sit in and  play computer games or watch TV….Surely then all the hurtling about is worth it?

The consensus amongst Team Netmums seems to be that it is a toss up between keeping the kids active, widening their horizons and making new friends and between forking out for all the clubs, being the taxi driver and losing out on the free ‘mooching’ time.

What do you think? Do we overschedule our kids and cram too much in their week? Or if your child doesn’t join in any clubs and classes do you feel they are missing out or you are somehow holding them back?

Just thinking about it all makes our heads spin…we’ll just spend another few days kicking back in the sunshine to ponder it over….


*Coincidentally this can also be the worst thing about summer breaks – depending on what sort of day you are having and how many kids are squibbling or hanging off your ankles as you try to get stuff you really need to do done.

** If you’re reading this and you live in Scotland we know you’re back already….


Find local after school clubs and classes here

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2 Responses to Team Netmums and the end of lazy hazy summer days

  1. Lilly says:

    I do think it is nice for kids to be able to try as many activities as possible so they can discover what they are good at or enjoy most. My main concern is not so much the time available but the money available for all these activities, if you can’t afford them then you do feel you are letting your kids down. My daughter goes to a drama club and we also pay for swimming for her and her brother, she has also done some after school sports activities but would also like to have piano and guitar lessons and do gymnastics! But we just don’t have the money and I have had to say to her she must decide which she wants to do the most. So far my son hasn’t expressed any desire to do any clubs yet but he is only 5 so I am holding back on signing him up for anything until then as they are so expensive!

  2. Chloe says:

    I don’t feel the need to send my daughter to clubs really. She’s only 4 and prefers to be at home – building dens, playdough, imaginary play, having friends round, playing in the garden etc. I’m sure these clubs are designed to make parents feel guilty and think they ought to be sending their children there. One club a week does no harm I’m sure, but I certainly won’t be bowing to pressure. The school day is enough stimulation for young children. Just let them relax and kick back at the end of the day! That’s what I like to do after a day at work…

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