Team Netmums – Help we’re turning into our mothers!

This week Team Netmums have been pondering over whether we are turning into our parents. Our recent survey revealed that this happens to most of us by the tender age of 32. Surely not? It can’t be true…can it?


Do you remember all those sayings your parents used to utter time and time again retro mum(chances are they still trot out a few of them now)? As a child or teen, you cringed and winced and vowed never to use such cliches with your own children?

But then time goes by and you become a parent yourself and the unimaginable happens. Try as you might, you can’t help stopping the very same phrases pouring out of your own mouth. Mostly you even use the same tone and mannerisms too!

Argh…it’s happening…you’re turning into your own mother!

We asked about the Team to find out just what we say to our own children that comes straight from the mouths of our parents.

  • ‘Ub…bub…bubbbbb’ – (usually said loudly in a deep voice when someone is about to do something naughty – usually has little effect!)
  • ‘Your room won’t tidy itself, you know’
  • ‘When they’re gone. they’re gone’ (about bags of sweets/treats/money etc..)
  • ‘You ARE coming (on the walk) and whats more you are going to enjoy it!’ (cue sulky grumpy children being herded out on a ‘fun’ family day out)
  • ‘Because I said so’
  • ‘If I have to tell you one last time…’ (what? What will happen…you NEVER tell them what hideous consequences might prevail!)
  • ‘Don’t make me have to pull over and stop the car’turning into my mum
  • ‘Were you born in a barn?’
  • Using your child’s first, middle and last name when you are telling them off!
  • ‘I’m going to count to 3. 1…2…2 and a half, 2 and three quarters, 2 and 7 eights….2 and 11 twelfths…’
  • ‘If your friend said she would jump off a bridge does that mean you would too?’
  • ‘We’re not made of money’
  • ‘I don’t care who started it, I said ‘Stop!’
  • ‘I’m not going to ask you again.’ (then you usually do!)
  • ‘You’ve got enough dirt in your ears to grow potatoes’
  • ‘It will all end in tears’
  • ‘Eat nicely!’
  • ‘Speak properly!’
  • ‘Tidy your room PROPERLY!’
  • ‘What’s the magic word’ (what is it – Piff paff poof?..?)
  • ‘That will put a halt to your gallop’
  • (and one of our favourites)  ‘Glory be!’

Presumably these are the phrases we heard the most often from our parents and the majority seem to be when they were telling us off! Does that mean Team Netmums were a bunch of naughty rapscallions when we were younger?…Surely not?


We would love to know that we are not the only ones who are morphing into our mothers so please make us feel better by leaving a comment  telling us what you say that your own parents used to say to you. If you missed the story when it hit the headlines this week have a read here and find out Netmums members parenting confessions: ‘You know you’re a mum when…’

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1 Response to Team Netmums – Help we’re turning into our mothers!

  1. Kate Davis says:

    I’ve noticed myself starting to say something my father said to me; “it is pence not p”. I’m not limited to the children though I have also shouted it at the television when they say something costs 50p instead of 50 pence.

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