Team Netmums – juggling work and family

It’s Friday which means it’s time again for another Team Netmums blog. And you’re in luck busybecause this week’s been so frantic that we almost didn’t have time to string two coherent sentences together!

We are unique (we like to think) in our way of working here at Team Netmums – 65 of us working from home up and down the land – gathering together in person (sometimes), via Skype (daily) and by email (a trillion times a day).

There is a perception that those that work from home actually spend their days watching Jeremy Kyle and twiddling about on the internet with blasts of work in between. Here at Team Netmums we’re not shy of hard work – we all love what we do and it’s not unusual at busy times for us to be working like little demons to get something together to go live on the site. We aim for the 9-5 – but our working days can bleed out into the evenings.

We’re also unique in that we’re all mums (with two techy dads) and like many others have jugglingto juggle family life into our working weeks.

We’ve got it down (mostly) to a fine art. But…

….when a spanner is thrown into the works it can feel like we’re spinning plates.

This week Nic from the team read her horoscope (in a trashy mag)  and it said:

‘Your plans might be thrown into chaos by a family illness’

Oh.  She was hoping to read something a bit cheerier like ‘You will win that lottery rollover that will make you richer than Gary Barlow despite  the fact you never buy a ticket’

She shuddered and thought ‘Oh no – silly nonsense…we haven’t got time for any lurgies anyway this week as it is jam-packed with work and end of term things…’

Cue one poorly child (and one absent husband, a mum 200 miles away and a graduation show to attend).

Then the guinea pig started wheezing and in between work, looking after a poorly child, begging favours to ship other child safely to and from school, there was also a vet visit to fit in.

There was a survey this week that revealed 1 in 5 of us are overwhelmed by our list of daily tasks. When you chuck in a spanner in the works it’s even harder.

There are days when all mums can feel like we are not waving but drowning.

We loved this picture which went down a storm on our Facebook page this week. Bit off topic but it reminds us that you can’t always be perfect and there are many days when it is an achievement to all just be up, dressed and in the right place at the right time!

perfect mums

Luckily at Team Netmums there’s always someone around to help pick up the slack, be there to listen whilst we moan and help us juggle our working hours so we can fit it all in without falling over.

We sometimes wish we were all in an office so on weeks like this we could head out for coffee and cake or wine and pork scratchings (ew) on a Friday.

So….we got this blog together through thick and thin. Aforementioned poorly child and guinea pig are resting and on the mend.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

We’ll leave you with photos of the newest member of Team Netmums! We’re not sure quite how much he will add to the juggling act but you have to admit – he’s one cute puppy. Meet Dylan!

(PS Dylan is named after a fabulous kids book by author Siobhan Curham who coincidentally will be featuring on the Netmums blog very soon)!


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1 Response to Team Netmums – juggling work and family

  1. Beth says:

    My week Has been exactly that! I’ve survived, and manged to get through to friday- I’m lucky, I know I can catch up on sleep at the weekend, but why is it that when one event comes along, about four more on the same day fall from the sky? !!!!

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