Do TV dads give fathers a bad name? A dad shares his view…

Author and father of five, Angus Kennedy shares with us his views on the lastest Netmums research showing that 93% of parents feel that children’s shows don’t represent real-life dads this Father’s day.


Actually I can mix up a wicked formula bottle and I really did give my wife a weekend

Angus and his family

Angus and his family

retreat as a valentines present so she could have a break from our five young kids and as I write, I have a pot of mash heating up nicely which I will tend to shortly when I get to the end of the paragraph. It’s truly amazing that I manage to write anything at all and when I see Mr. Daddy Pig of Peppa Pig sitting with his paper and deck chair saying ‘that’s what daddy does, sits around and reads the paper’, it confirms that the producers of these shows and many others that portray dads like blissful twits, either have never had children, are living in the dark ages or, perhaps they really do have no idea of what it’s like to bring up children. In which case we must forgive them for their ignorance.

So why make programmes for my children showing that most dads, are consistently useless? It doesn’t matter at all if our kids splash in puddles and make a complete mess of our carpet and we might not subsequently get a deposit back from the landlord when the tenancy is up. All our hard work in parenting and here’s a programme that ruins it all. Being a dad is a wonderful and fully involved experience. I always said that I don’t know that I have actually made love until I see the baby.

Netmums nailed it, 93% of parents think that the portrayal of dads does not represent what we do in life. But then, look at many of the other media houses and producers and how thin the women are when they have had three kids and the smiling faces on nappy packets. I don’t know about you, but when I change a ‘number two’ neither baby nor me is smiling much laughing at all.

Dads are not on the radar I am afraid, and mainly we are made out to be blubbering idiotsThe Kitchen Baby in books, TV shows, adverts and magazines as Netmums members demonstrated. Well I can tell you that we dads can be handy. I delivered my own son at home and saved not his life, but my wife’s too, with no medical assistance. So I wrote a book about it – The Kitchen Baby. Dads can write about emotions too!

But it is a concern, we pop our little ones in front of the telly to get a little bit of peace (yes, yes, ok I know that’s not possible). But we do try and we think it’s OK because those nice producers that make programmes for our kids like Peppa Pig, are responsible people. But actually Daddy Pig is an unshaven, particularly lazy, and brilliantly disconnected kind of pig that seems to laugh at anything because everything is funny. Even when his prize vegetables are trampled on by his kids; yes that’s really funny, oink, oink!

But what is most interesting this time (and the first time I have seen this) is that it has been mums at Netmums that came to dad’s defence. Ahaa, this time, we had no person running up Big Ben with underpants on top of his trousers to defend us.

But this is why, this time it worked. People do listen to women! A man is not at one, in my opionion until at harmony with a woman. Well a happy dad is a man with a happy partner right? I have five kids and that’s my biggest mission, to take the pressure off where I can for mum, and she does, where she can, for me. Media’s values like those of Daddy Pig are precisely the opposite of what most of us hard working parents are trying to achieve.

For the chop?
It’s about time the media that set programmes for our children should be more responsible and woke up to the modern responsible dad that yes does have emotions too; a dad that above all would lay down his life at any minute for the continued unconditional love of his family. I think Daddy Pig and many other farcicle characters that portray dads like this might just be in for the chop!


What do you think about the way dads are portrayed in the media? Do you agree with Angus that the media should be more responsible? Leave us a comment and let us know. 

The Kitchen Baby is father of five, Angus Kennedy’s dramatic account of how he had to deliver his fifth baby with a unique father’s view from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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9 Responses to Do TV dads give fathers a bad name? A dad shares his view…

  1. steve says:

    First of all let’s look at Daddy Pig,yes, on his days off he likes to relax reading the paper in the garden but hang on that doesn’t make him lazy!! He’s a hard working pig! He works hard in the office designing homes. He always has time for his kids, always spending time with them and he never shouts at them even when they constantly make fun of his big round tummy. He is also a part of a football team and is the world champion puddle jumper!he also tried very hard and is a ‘bit of an expert’ at most things he tries his hands at! I mean he also does DIY, cooks pancakes,and plays basketball. To sum it all up he is a loving caring father who wants the best for his little piglets but you are slamming him for having facial hair (which is probablyt there to portray to small children that he is a man and not a lady pig) and wanting to read the newspaper. word of advice research before you write!!! And by the way I know all of this because although I am not ‘superdad’ like you obviously are, take a great interest in my peppa pig obsessed 2 year old’s hobbies, and watch and enjoy it with her. I love my children dearly and do everything for them including cooking, and treating my wife to days off, but unlike you I do not feel it necisary to slate a poor defencless pig to make myself feel like the big man!

    • KatS says:

      Exactly Steve!!!So good to read your answer! It really felt like a review was written by someone who’s never watched Peppa Pig before or watched one odd episode and took Daddy’s behaviour completely out of context. I am really surprised how many people agree with the wrong portrayal of men in Peppa Pig! I have two kids, both love peppa pig. I have been watching it with them and LOVE it. Especially for it’s sence of humour, My husband loves it too and he is a loving father to our kids, he cooks, he cleans, he is brilliant in DIY he, in fact is a master PANCAKE FLIPPER , in our house! And he also goes to work , even on his birthday, just as Daddy Pig.He does like to watch Formula1 on his days off and in fact he does gets lost pretty much every time we go somewhere in the car, trying to find alternative way to the Sat Nav.

      My question is if 93% parents are soooooooo concerned, why are they watching it and why has this show been so popular with families and kids for so many years? If I am concerned about something on the telly I don’t let my kids watch it. Something is not right here….
      And I will second the advice: RESEARCH BEFORE YOU WRITE

  2. Theresa says:

    Although I agree with you regarding TV Dads I must point out that as far as Disney films are concerned, apart from maybe 1, possibly 2 films they have made very recently, they always, always portray the wicked mother/step-mother, dead mother, no mother at all while the Dad saves the day, is all powerful and generally is just fantastic. So I think there is a balance in the world all round so carry on Daddy Pig I say!

  3. susan briggs says:

    as far as i can see kids love peppa pig stories and love daddy pig for his unshakeable reliablity, security and funny take on life, surely if people couldn’t relate it to their own experiences or to someone they know or would like too, the programme wouldn’t be as popular as it is , and also it is escapism for chilldren of very strict or negectful parents giving them a glimpse of maybe, there are good, kind, fun people out there, not all families have the pefect partnership heading it, like you and your wife, where you consider each other and give each other treats and surprises, which is an ideal base, it reminds me of when i had my first child by the time she was two i felt i knew all the answers of how to bring up the perfect child, then i had my second child and he completely destroyed all my theories and ideas,
    It would be wonderful if everyone could meet someone who had the same values as themselves, unfortunately there are a lot of couples out there who are at odds with each other, i think that if you looked at all the films, cartoons, series etc there is equally balanced among them those that portray bad wifes and husbands, in fact i personally think that there are more bad women in most stories and the man is nearly always the hero especially in fairy stories.
    I think that you shouldn’t let children watch one particular programme over and over but go for balanced viewing. I like peppa pig stories, because it allows you to see what you don’t want to be, as well as allowing you the choice to be it, if you want to. I find it a good talking point what the children think of various programmes we see on tv, after all none of us are perfect, and if you are a child with an unshaven scruffy armchair dad, it will make you feel you are not alone. give me daddy pig any day of the week hard working, scruffy, funny and a family man. just needs a good women to tidy him up.(joke)

  4. I agree with you. Thank you for writing this. I remember growing up, that shows were based on a strong family unit. Now it seems the family is destroyed and the father looks the most stupid of all. I do agree with you. We need more shows that have strong male characters in them. I can think of only a few that are out right now. You sound like a great father, much like mine and much like my husband.

  5. Anne O Regan says:

    I would highly recommend a book written by Swayne O Pie . “Why Britain hates Mens”.He regards himself as an equality feminist and still passionately believes in the principles of human rights and equal opportunities.The book shows how feminism blames and demonises men and boys today.There are sections devoted to advertising and policies that would never see the light of day if they were directed at the ethnic minorities, disabled, or LBGT communities. It seem men have no protected characteristics in todays Britain.

  6. Lara says:

    Perhaps you have a point, but I’m not convinced. Not much of an argument when only one TV dad is referred to.

  7. juliet lunam says:

    Surely its up to the father to decide what type of father he is going to be…i don’t think programmes like peppa pig are going to have any impact on a man who cant be bothered or the man who loves being with his kids. If anything daddy pig is a great example of fatherhood; he never loses his temper and is always game for a laugh, not to mention the fact he does loads of housework and cooking. My father was not really cut out to be a father but then his dad wasn’t either. My step son on the other hand is of a much younger generation and is really hands on….even though he works full time.

  8. Funnily enough I often think about this when I’m watching TV adverts – a truly rare event anyhow without a husband like you around(!) – where the men are often made the butt of a joke or something silly and how they would never let a woman be in such a supposedly humiliating position. Well said and keep up the brilliant work for your family 🙂

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