A weekend of fun with The Weekend Box

Last week we were lucky enough to be sent a Weekend Box to review – a new scheme where parents can sign up for one off deliveries or monthly subscriptions to receive a Weekend Box crammed full of a variety of different activities for children.

Weekend Box logo

The Weekend Box is a new scheme, devised by Andy. The idea began after looking for gift ideas for his four nieces and nephews: nothing (he felt) seemed to embody the mix of healthy living, green and creative content that he feels is so important to child development so he decided to quit his job and launch Weekend Box.

Each Weekend Box has four activities to complete with your little ones:

Something healthy to cook (with a special ingredient)
Something green (something to plant or make from recycled items)
Something to make (a craft kit of some description)
Something to read/write/draw (a story to read, write and draw before passing on)

Weekend Box

It was with great excitement that we scooped up our Weekend Box from the doormat, opened it and peeked inside to see what tasks we had been set.

With the help of an eager mini Team Netmums helper (Feena, aged 9) we set to our tasks.

First off we made a colourful Bertie Bird window hanger. Feena was fascinated by mixing up blue powder paint and loved all the glue-ing to create her window hanging.

weekend box Bertie Bird

Next we sowed our lettuce seeds. Again there was magic to be found in watching the compost tablets swell and expand in water. The instruction card told us to talk to our seeds to help them grow and Feena took this very seriously.

weekend box talking to our seeds

It paid off as our seedlings are flourishing and we can’t wait to harvest and eat them.

weekend box super saladNext we wrote a story about Sammy the Shy Squirrel. The story prompts really fired Feena’s imagination and she spent a happy hour penning her tale:

weekend box story writingAnd then in the sunshine we made some fabric letters (which we are going to frame and hang on Feena’s bedroom wall).

weekend box lettersDue to an exceptionally sunny weekend filled with barbecues, parties and paddling pool fun we didn’t get round to our final activity of making gingerbread cookies – but we certainly will in the next few days.

The box came complete with stickers to mark off each task as it was completed – something little ones will love.

We had more than a weekend full of fun and love the Weekend Box scheme. It inspired creativity, exploration and fired imagination. We loved how the box contained all the bits and pieces you need to complete the activities as well as a magical mix of things to do that kids will love.

We have some special promo codes just for you. so you can try out the fantastic Weekend Boxes too. Simply head to the website and use one of the following codes:

WBNM100Free box for first 100 subscribers of a monthly or quarterly plan. After free box, monthly plan is £15 p/month and quarterly is £42 p/quarter

WBNM5 – One-off Weekend Box for £5 including delivery

Both codes include free delivery to the UK.

You can also find the Weekend Box on Facebook and on Twitter

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3 Responses to A weekend of fun with The Weekend Box

  1. This sounds like a great idea! Why didn’t anybody think of this before?

  2. Pam Wedlock says:

    What a fabulous idea, i cant wait for our boxes to arrive

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