Team Netmums – where would we be without our mum-friends?

It’s Friday and time for another Team Netmums blog and this week we have been thinking about just where we would be without the friends we have made since becoming mums.


As a new mum once the flurry of visitors has gone and your partner goes back to work the new world you find yourself in can feel a bit – well – lonely. Even more so if your family don’t live close by. There are whole days to fill, swathes of time that can go by without speaking to another adult apart from the postman or the person at the checkout at Tescos.

Many of Team first found Netmums when they were looking to find out where all the other mums were. Finding (or in some cases building) a site where local mums were chatting and which listed all the toddler groups and places to go felt, for many of us like unlocking a huge parenting secret.

Here’s some of the Team talking about how they first found Netmums:mummy network

I found the site out of sheer desperation if I am honest. I had no idea before I had Sam, how totally isolating becoming a mum can be… I was desperate for adult conversation and support.”

“I found out about Netmums when looking for toddler groups in my area online and finding nothing local at all so I emailed Siobhan and applied to set up a site for Rotherham, mainly so any other mums in my town feeling isolated and too scared/shy to actually ask someone for info, could find out details easily online. 11 years later and I’m still here”

“This was the first time in my life I didn’t have my friends just around the corner to call on when I felt a bit crap, or to just pop in to theirs for a coffee or a glass of wine whenever I liked. I didn’t realise how much I needed people around me. I read an article in a mag while in the doctors and it mentioned Netmums, so I thought I would look it up when I got home. It was the best thing I ever did…”

Many of us have met and made friends with members from Netmums over the years, Meet a mumsometimes meeting friends that become soul mates and sanity savers.

“I went to one of the first meet ups and met some lovely people.”

“Some of my best friends have come via the Netmums Meet-Ups”

“I have met members in real life and I’m very lucky that one of them is now one of my bestest friends”

Roll forward to 2013 and joining mums together is still at the heart of Netmums. We also love the fact that mums meet up in real life too – through the Meet a Bump, Meet a Mum and Netmums Meet-ups.

This week we were sent in a lovely blog which sums this all up so well and we wanted to share it with you. It’s from Stephanie who blogs at The Confinement Chronicles. Here is what she wrote (you can read her full post here)

The Pregnant Power of T’Internet

I moved T’up North this time last year and a few days later… found out I was pregnant. Instantly I found myself in the position of embarking on the scariest time of my life and being completely alone. My social circle was miles away. Other than my partner and one relative … I knew no one! I was a stranger to the North and a stranger to pregnancy.  T’Internet was suddenly my main focus.

…Someone recommended Netmums to meet other mums. So I put a little advert out there calling for ‘friends’. meet a bump

I received an email from a woman who seemed to be speaking my language. An email relationship ensued.

Over months we emailed about our terror of childbirth, our anxiety of any pregnancy problems, our relationships, our baby’s names to be, just general chit chat. We made each other laugh and we made each other feel better.

Before we knew it D-Day was approaching. We counted down the days together..
We both gave birth on the exact same day – and we both gave birth to little boys!!

Last week, 3 months later, we finally met face to face. Brought together by Netmums, bonded together by our little boys having the same birthday. We sat and chatted as our little babies stared at each other puzzled  – and what did we chat about?

Image - Netmums

Image – Netmums

Poop! Mostly Poop!

The power of T’Internet – a wonderful tool for mums to be!


We’d love to know if you have ever met anyone from Netmums in ‘real life’. Or if you have found Netmums members online who have been really helpful and supportive and  a real lifeline to you.

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  1. Some of my best friends, I made while at Mother and Baby groups, when my sister felt lonely after her first baby I encouraged her to go along, she too has made friends for life, so much so I hardly see her!!

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