The sun’s out..quick get the BBQ out and chuck a pinny at your man!

It’s Friday and time for another Team Netmums blog and (oh so predictably) this week we’re talking abut the sunshine.


sunshineHere in Britain (and on Team Netmums) we get very excited when the sun shines. To be fair, this year especially, you can’t really blame us for getting a little bit delirious when the sun finally decided to chuck a few rays down after so many miserable months and mad March snow.

This week we had our first ‘proper sunshine’ and in response out came a) the fake tan and b) the barbecues.

The ‘school runway’ was ablaze with mums in summer dresses and cropped trousers, the fug of biscuity self-tan odour hanging in the air like summer clouds.

Whereas last week our legs looked like this

hairy legs

Now they have been hastily defuzzed and hurriedly/ streakily bronzed to look (we like to think) more like this*:

tanned legs

Legs ready to face the sun, when it came to tea time there was no other choice but to spark up the barbi. And what’s odd (but also fab) about barbecues is that men tend to take charge of the cooking. Hand over the cooking duties – don’t mind if we do! Even men who have hitherto been unknown even to be able  to boil an egg don a (possibly comedic special ‘Man barbecue’) pinny and take on the task of head barbecue chef muttering ‘Cooking doesn’t get any tougher than this’.Barbecue king

A Beefeater survey in Oz (surely the land of BBQs) revealed that:

97% of men said they handle the cooking outdoors.

50% of men believe the smell of barbecue is an aphrodisiac. (although why there has never been a chargrilled scented candle invented ‘to fan the flames in the bedroom not just by the barbecue’ is therefore a mystery)

72% believe cooking on a barbecue is calming and reduces stress…

54% of respondents believe men are instinctively better at barbecuing than women.

However results of the study reveal the only task clearly handled by the man was cooking the meat at a massive 97%. Women on the other hand have to multi-task, with 81% inviting the guests, 79% doing the shopping, 71% hosting the guests, 93% preparing salads & sides and 65% doing the cleaning up.

Despite the apparent disparity in workload, 44% of female participants said their partner usually receives all the recognition for a great barbecue.

Here at Team Netmums we sat by enjoying our chargrilled burgers and hastily Googling ‘laptop sun shaders’ as working in the gloom of our offices on such sunny days feels criminal and when we try to set up an office outside we can’t see and thing for the glare of the sun and pesky bugs landing on the screen. It’s a tough life…

* (with a bit more streaks and cellulite and wibbly bits and slightly gnarlier feet)

As we write this the aforementioned sun seems to have hastily made a speedy exit. If it decides to come back here are some fab barbecue recipes and picnic recipes for the weekend.

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1 Response to The sun’s out..quick get the BBQ out and chuck a pinny at your man!

  1. jane says:

    Sun: well where is the heat?; its only the body beauties whom show off their bods at the mo.

    Hairy legs: yeah I better go from shaving once every fortnight or so to at least weekly 🙂

    Barbys: we need to wash the mould off ours from last year as we discovered last BH Monday; we did manage outdoor eating when our oldest’s pal came for tea, alas need to be better prepared for the barby.

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