Blog of the Week: Keeping calm is over rated

Blog_of_the_week_badgeThis week our Blog of the Week comes from Caitriona who blogs at Wholesome Ireland.

When she’s not cooking nutritious and delicious dinners on a very strict budget for her family, Caitriona can be generally found keeping calm -except maybe today that is…

*************************************************************************************[No-Sign]-Keep-Calm-Yeah-Right-Me-ArseKeeping calm is over rated.  I assure you.

As a parent, I spend most of my day keeping calm.

The baby wakes at 5am, I keep calm. I find toothpaste squirted into the overflow of the sink, I keep calm. I walk 4km in the sun only for it to rain on the return and I discover I’ve no raincover for the buggy, I keep calm. I take the baby down from the table for the 17th time before 10am and, yep you’ve guessed it, I keep calm.

All of this keeping calm builds up inside. Particularly when you’re at home with 2 small kids, limited contact with the outside world apart from said long walk everyday to the school and the occasional terse phone call while the 18 month old climbs all over me and tries to hang up the phone and the 4 year old finds it the perfect time to discuss his body parts. Yes those parts.

When it gets to 5 O’Clock and the kids are getting to that ratty stage of the day, I consider putting the clocks in the house forward and convincing them that bedtime is just around the corner.  I wish I drank something stronger than tea, just to take the edge off.  Just to make being at home with 2 mad yokes slightly more fuzzy than pointy-edged reality.

After my eleventy-seventh cup of strong tea I’m wondering if it was such a good idea to feed my tea addiction as I’m not sure I can leave the pair of them for longer than 20 seconds without some calamity happening. It all builds up. I don’t mean the need for a loo break without a running commentary either.

Bedtime comes. Bliss. It’s quiet-ish.

The “keeping calm” that has been resting somewhere between my heartburn and itchy nose is bubbling, ready to spill over.

So I step into the store cupboard (a fancy name for the press under the stairs) and let fly a couple of choice swear words.  Which may, or may not include the word “arse” amongst others.  The best swear words comprise only 4 letters in my experience.

Keeping calm is over rated. Swearing is far more satisfying.

PS – He’s not really a baby anymore, he’s nearly 18 months but he’ll always be MY baby. ;-)



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10 Responses to Blog of the Week: Keeping calm is over rated

  1. Haha oh yes. I find I have to snap out the odd cross (non swear) word through the day or I break under the endless counting to ten and then it isn’t pretty and I teach my 2 and 4 year olds words they shouldn’t know!

  2. Tea at teat time? You’re right – you need something stronger. You’re never drinking alone during the Witching Hour! 🙂

  3. Jill says:

    Fanastic stuff and it takes me back ‘yokes’ is a word I haven’t heard about in ages! Thanks for cheering me up on such a rainy day!

  4. Blueberetmum says:

    Ha ha – have been practising being calm for the last year and still opt for the swearing option 🙂 until Peanut starts repeating everything I say …

  5. cat1978 says:

    Brilliant, and quite right! As @catstaycalm on Twitter (and an author on staying calm!) I can relate to everything you said, staying calm most of the time is hopefully achievable, but every so often the stress needs to come out in as non-destructive a way as possible, the store cupboard is perfect! Cat x

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