Spring into spring with these fab crafts for kids

Finally spring seems to have sprung (although with a few gales and showers still making their presence known). But at least it’s brighter, lighter and a wee bit warmer and Team Netmums feel like they have got a bit of a spring in their step. The mini Team Netmums certainly have an extra bounce about them. They’ve been busy this week making some spring crafts to bring some spring cheer into your homes.


Little Lamb maskpaper plate mask

Easy peasy but utterly cute. Simply cut a hole in the centre of a paper plate, glue on cotton wool balls all round the rest of the plate and then staple or glue on some little ears cut from cardboard. Add ribbons or elastic to tie on. Then your little ones can go a-leaping through the spring  fields (or the garden at least)

Funky Frisbee

Another simple paper plate craft idea. Again cut holes in the centre of your plates and decorate the edges with felt pens. Then staple the two plates together as shown in the picture and head out into the spring sunshine to test them out. These frisbees work surprisingly well and soared through the air. If you want them to last a bit longer (thinking here of potential puddle landings) then you could varnish them too.

paper plate frisbee - teddiespaper plate frisbee - flowers

paper plate frisbee road test

Bun case flowers

Another fab idea – pick up some pretty bun cases (or decorate plain ones with felt pens) and then flatten them out. Push a straw (or a pipe cleaner) through the centre of the circle and pop a wee bit of scrunched up tissue paper or a blob of plasticine at the end to make the centre of the flower and secure it in place. Now cut several strips round the case to the centre (make sure you don’t cut all the way across though). You can layer two or three bun cases for extra effect. Pop in a pretty glass jar or old milk bottle and hey presto – a spring bouquet!

bun case flowers

Handprint blooms

A nice fun messy one. Make several handprints in pretty colours for the flowers and then add green paint for the stems and add either cut out grass or a cut out shape of a vase in pretty paper. These look fab done on canvases as gorgeous gifts to give away.

handprint flowers pinks and reds

Toe print creeping caterpillars

Another messy squelchy one – the fun we had making this one was proportionate to the amount of green paint we managed to coat the table, floor and all nearby surfaces with! This time peel off your child’s socks and get them to dip their toes in green paint and make toe prints. Once dry cut out the print made by the 5 toes and add details with pen to make the eyes and feelers. Then cut out leaf shapes from green paper or do some leaf rubbings and then assemble your picture. Very cute and great fun to do.

toe caterpillars

Find loads more lovely ideas for spring fun over on Netmums. We’ve got ideas for crafts boredom busters jarand indoor fun, for garden games and for fun in the great outdoors.

Don’t forget to add these crafts to your Boredom Busters jar too – handy ideas to keep up your sleeve for those days when the kids insist they are boooreeed and can’t think of anything to do!

If you have any great craft ideas or boredom busters please do let us know. And if you try out any of these activities with your children add them to our crafts gallery so we can see the fab results

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2 Responses to Spring into spring with these fab crafts for kids

  1. Utterly brilliant and not at all daunting, thank you Netmums 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    These are fabulous crafts for the intelligent young ones. The Little Lamb Mask is cute. it looks like its easy to do so kids will not find it difficult after all.

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