Half term boredom busters

It’s been an unusual Easter and half term this year. Here at Team Netmums the Easter holidays has felt more like a winter break – chilly weather, Easter egg  hunts in hats and gloves with snow on the hills (and in some places on the ground) and having to think of lots of indoor activities to escape the cold.


We’ve got a brilliant little idea for cheering everyone along and for saving you from the dreaded cries of ‘Muuuuummmmm…I’m boooooorrrrrred!’.

Gather all the small people and make a Boredom Buster Jar.

boredom busters jar

Find a jar and then make a pretty label saying ‘Boredom Busters’. Then take a bunch of lollipop sticks or drinking straws and cut out cardboard shapes and stick to the top of each one. Now brainstorm a host of activities you all want to do – craft ideas, trips out (feed the ducks, go the the museum, visit a castle), fun indoor activities (build a den, have a sport’s day) and write one activity on each stick. Hey presto – you’ve got an instant remedy for any boring days when you can’t think of what to do.

And over on Netmums there are a whole host of ideas for boredom busters to help you fill your jar. Here are some lovely craft ideas (click on a picture to scroll through the gallery):

And find more boredom buster ideas here:

101 ideas for free family fun

Spring fun indoors

Boredom busters

More boredom busters

Rainy day fun

Netmums You Tube Channel – Fun for kids

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6 Responses to Half term boredom busters

  1. KentMum says:

    We did this last summer holiday and its been a real success. My kids are the top end of primary school age and its good to give them something else to do rather than electronic based ideas, we did “baking” and “100 star jumps” yesterday! Our jar is much less elaborate and just strips of paper in a jam jar on top of the fridge, although I might add “turn the boredom jar into something stylish” as one the things to do!!!

  2. julie nickalls says:

    my little one (4) has decorated a small shoe box that is now his ‘treasure box’ , he has just spent 2hrs in the garden looking for treasure .. he found ‘moon rock’ and ‘gold’ a poorley worm also got rescued .. his face was beaming the whole time,we only covered a small area of soil so theres plenty of more hunts in the pipeline with some extra treasure from mummy to find..my imagination of what he can find is in overdrive ..xx

  3. julie nickalls says:

    He strangely also enjoys washing his toys which is great for indoor fun .. we make new covers for his dvd’s , he draws his own covers and colours them , hide and seek indoors is fun too x

  4. Celine Bag says:

    We did this last summer holiday and its been a real success.

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