Blog of the Week: Let’s talk about sex

Blog_of_the_week_badgeThis week’s Blog of the Week is from Chicken Ruby who wants to talks about sex. But the real version – not like it is in the movies…

So, does this sound familiar?


The reality of Sex

Why is it never like it is in the movies?

Probably a lot to do with how the media portrays the ‘perfect lifestyle’ career, the perfect marriage, wonderful home and the most amazing kids, through newspapers, advertisements etc.

I also hold writers responsible. You know the ones that write the Chick Lits, screen writers for movies.

Picture a typical romantic film or even an action one. You know where after the good guy couple_in_bed_huggingsaves the world and gets the girl? They’re hardly through the door and they’re ripping one anothers clothes off and having sex against the wall in the hallway, him holding her off the ground. Cut to next scene and they’re lying in bed, perfect hair and make up, his wounds have healed and wrapped seductively in a sheet.

Now I know there is poetic licence used here, but come on, has that really ever happened?

In reality its arrive home after a days work, collected the kids from wherever, a boot full of shopping. This mornings breakfast dishes to be sorted, shopping to be put away, kids homework to do, arguments, dinner and plonked down in front of the telly around 9pm absolutely knackered, feeling like you have just saved the world and the fateful words ‘Early night love?’ or ‘you having a shower/bath before bed’

And what happens next is nothing like the movies. After a typical day there is no way you can get on with it without a shower, there is never a piece of furniture strong enough for him to prop you on, as there is no way he can lift you off the ground like that. There is washing over the bed, you’re lying on the remote, getting tangled up in the bed sheets, pillows piled high, toppling on your head, ignoring the TV on in the background, ‘did you lock the door?’ ‘Is that one of the kids on the landing?’

And as for the morning, there is no crisp sheet wrapped round you, you’ve either already put your PJs back on or just pulled them up, your hair is a mess, your make up is everywhere. There’s a child knocking on your door for their breakfast.

There is no loving smile and breakfast in bed and the conversation goes like this.

‘Eugh, go clean your teeth’

‘Why do I always sleep on the wet patch?’


Let’s talk about sex – why is it never like it is in the movies? If your sex life needs some spicing up then check out our Karma Sutra gallery of sex positions!

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8 Responses to Blog of the Week: Let’s talk about sex

  1. So so true!! Theres never an emotive soundtrack playing in real life either!

  2. Teresa says:

    I think, in general, this is a realistic view of most domestic situations, however I do think it is important to have a date night every month. Go out, de-stress, no kid talk, lippy, manicured nails (usually done but locking myself in the bathroom while kids are watching a DVD- speed drying polish is your friend), skirt, stockings, the works. It is impossible to feel sexy all of the time, but once in a while keeps the flame going.. There are things you can do in the house though, taking a bath/shower together, carpet picnic while watching a DVD, just snuggling up on the couch….everyone knows spooning always leads to forking.

  3. Mushy says:

    yeah a date night every month…well that implies babysitter and no drinks because said babysitter needs to be driven back and ah yes we’re broke! Pffff….shit life 😦

  4. such an important topic when parenting….we like to talk about it all the time and how to reinvent the passion between couples because it offers such a powerful uplift for both people….thanks for the post

  5. Luisa Brown says:

    Yep! And that last line is a classic!

  6. Celine Bag says:

    yeah a date night every month…well that implies babysitter

  7. Celine Bags says:

    such an important topic when parenting….we like to talk about it all the time.

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