10 Difficult feelings it’s normal to have in pregnancy

Charlie WilsonToday’s guest blog is from Charlie Wilson, author of Survival Guide for New Parents: Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year  . Although pregnancy is a magical time for many it is also a time where your emotions are all over the place. Here Charlie shares 10 difficult feelings you may feel in pregnancy and reassures new mums that to feel them is normal. Charlie has also kindly given us 5 copies of her book to giveaway. Simply leave a comment below to enter.


Ten Difficult Feelings It’s Normal to Have During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are glowing, right? Beautiful, centred, calm, the very embodiment of The survival guide for new parentshappiness and hope. Well, yes, some of the time. But pregnancy is also a time of somersaulting emotions, thanks to hormones and the enormity of becoming a mother, and there’s a whole other side of pregnancy that’s something of a taboo: struggling with difficult feelings. In researching my book Survival Guide for New Parents: Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year I spoke to a lot of mums and pregnant women. Here are just some of the emotions I found that many, many pregnant women feel:

1. Anxious about being a good mum: The very fact that you’re worrying about being a good mum indicates that you care about being a good mum, and it’s the mums who care who parent well.

2. Repulsed by physical changes: Let’s face it, the physical side of pregnancy can be hard to embrace – stretch marks, a fast-expanding waistline, weakening pelvic floor muscles, and so on.

3. A little freaked out about having another person growing inside: It’s gender - foetal activitywonderful and miraculous, but yes, it can fry your brain a bit when you think too hard about the fact that’s a person in there!

4. Frightened by labour and birth: Quite understandable. There’s going to be some pain, and you’re going to be anxious about you and your baby until it’s over.

5. Worried about the baby being okay: This is especially the case if you’ve lost babies before this pregnancy. Worrying achieves nothing, of course, but it’s natural – of course you want your baby to be healthy.

6. Frustrated by limitations: You lead a pretty normal life while pregnant, but there are limitations in terms of what activities you do and what you eat/drink. More complicated pregnancies can be especially frustrating – and who doesn’t get down with week after week of feeling exhausted and sick?

7. Repulsed by sex: Some women find they’re quite turned off their partners during pregnancy, mainly due to concerns about the harming the baby (which, incidentally, is nothing to worry about, as long as you’re not being too adventurous in the bedroom). Conversely, some women find they’re much more interested!

8. Irritated by your partner: Some days, you’re just a grouch, and no matter what your partner does, it’s not going to suit you.

9. Disconnected to your child: Just because you’re pregnant, and in time you feel your baby moving, doesn’t mean you feel wholly bonded to the baby yet.

10. Usurped by the baby: Sounds odd, but when people around you are fixated on the baby, you can feel like you’re drifting into the background.

So if you feel any (or all) of these, the bottom line is this: don’t worry – it’s okay, it’s fine, you’re normal. This is all part of pregnancy and becoming a mother, and although they may not shout about their emotions from the rooftops, other pregnant women feel just the same.


The survival guide for new parents

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11 Responses to 10 Difficult feelings it’s normal to have in pregnancy

  1. I was always frustrated by the limitations, especially as it got to the later stage of pregnancy. I hate the fact that I couldn’t walk as far, could walk around in heels, couldn’t eat the food that I loved (pates and soft cheeses are my favourite snacks and I had to give up so many of them!). The only one that I had to cut out that I didn’t mind was caffeine – I found so many tasty fruit teas that I still buy.

    I just had to keep telling myself that it was worth it in the end and I was doing the best for my little monkey.

  2. alexingham649981713 says:

    Not sure if my last comment will show up.

    The frustration of limitations really got to me. I hated not being able to do everything that I once could, especially close to the end of the pregnancy. I hate that I couldn’t walk as far or do as much activity. I hated that I couldn’t wear my heels and I really hated having to cut out all the foods that I loved. The only one that I didn’t mind was cutting out caffeine because I found so many tasty fruit teas that I still drink today.

    I just had to keep telling myself that my little monkey was all worth it and enjoyed a day of eating my favourites as soon as I was out of the hospital.

  3. Laura spicer says:

    I’m expecting twins, and will gladly take any help I can get!

  4. Tracy Hughes says:

    Number 3 applies most to me. I already had a lot of limitations due to health issues which have actually improved in pregnancy. I do miss brie and medium cooked steak though!

  5. Emma says:

    Being constantly worried throughout the pregnancy was a big one for me having a stressful first pregnancy and life threatening birth was always on my mind with my second and for then that one to then end up just as bad really has worried me.
    Limitations during pregnancy really didn’t bother me as I see it as yes avoid heavy lifting and straining also certain foods but really your baby is well protected just be a bit more cautious it drove me mad people treating me like I had no use of my body because I was pregnant.
    But as we all know having our wee baby in our arms at the end is worth everything you have to do/ not do, eat/ not eat durning pregnancy 🙂 xx

  6. Sherry says:

    This is my third pregnancy and while I was scared with the first, and a worrier with the second, this one has just been about the limitations. I got SPD with my second, but it was late on and didn’t end up effecting me too much more than normal pregnancy. With this pregnancy my SPD started at 12 weeks and only got worst from there. Oh well, it will all be worth it in the end! Only 3 more weeks to go.

  7. Natasha W says:

    This is my first preganacy and I have been really wiped out for the last month with a bad cold- what I’ve really struggled with is the lack of medicines suitable for pregnant women. Working as a Reception/KS1 teacher, being worn out from making a little person and trying to get by on a paracetamol tablet has been very hard work!

  8. caroline says:

    Feel so much better after reading these comments its my first pregnancy and I have had a few worrying moments along the way and do worry about being a good mum and have been quite anxious about being pregnant and had spoke to a couple of people that have had children about this but they didnt have it or not remembered feeling the same way

  9. Jen Pilley says:

    This is my second pregnancy. number 9 really applies to me, I am so busy with work and my 2 year old that I don’t have a minute to think about this new baby growing inside me. Feeling a bit guility but hoping that i will love he/she as much as my first. x

  10. Celine Bags says:

    I just had to keep telling myself that my little monkey was all worth it and enjoyed a day of eating my favourites as soon as I was out of the hospital.

  11. caroline campbell says:

    I hated the feeling of the baby moving I thought it was so unnatural and then seeing those really big turns was horrible 😦 Love my little girl to bits but the kids in the ribs didn’t stop after the birth lol

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