Character Costumes for World Book Week. Beautiful Butterfly.

It’s World Book Day Week on our blog and each day we will be bringing you another brilliant costume to make thanks to our fantastic parent bloggers. Today The Fairy and The Frog shows you how to make this enchanting butterfly costume.


(Nearly) no sew butterfly costume.

‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle is a firm bedtime favourite in our house. So when thinking about a World Book Day costume it seemed the obvious choice.

To make this Eric Carle inspired butterfly you will need netting, elastic (enough to go around your child’s waist and some to use as loops for the wings), some net, some fabric paint, paint-brush and some floaty material (that you can iron).

First make the skirt. Make a ‘belt’ to form the base of the tutu by measuring it round your child’s waist. Tie strips of netting to form a skirt. It looks best if there is lots of net (this bit takes ages so it’s worth leaving some time – and buying more net than you’ll think you will need). We used dress netting which has bigger holes and is stiffer so it stands out more.

Next use the fabric paint to paint the wings. Measure your wings- they need to reach to a bit bigger than your child’s arm span. Make sure you place something underneath the fabric to protect the surface you are painting on. We gathered our material in the middle to make it look wing shaped so we could see where the material would ‘fall’ when it was finished (but be careful painting on the material; if it’s bumpy it will be easy to smudge). Older children might like to paint the wings themselves. Once the painting is dry you need to fix the paint (usually this is by ironing follow the instruction on your pack).

Next we sewed a piece of elastic on the top corners (your child can use this to hold onto so their wings can ‘fly’).You will need to attach the wings to the top your child will be wearing. We then put an old hair band around the middle of the wings to hold their shape. We sewed it on to an old t shirt at the point where the wings were gathered and also on the shoulders (this helps the wings not to droop).

We finished our outfit by making some antenna using a hair band and pipe cleaners.

NB this costume is not recommended for under 3’s

This outfit tutorial was written by the Fairy and The Frog. You can see more fun play based ideas on our blog by clicking here. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google +


Find loads more dressing up and costume ideas for World Book Day over on Netmums and when you’ve made/found your children’s costumes we would love to see them so be sure to add them to our Costume Gallery. Each day this week we will be bringing you another great costume to make so check back each day. Huge thanks to the wonderful bloggers all from our Parent Bloggers Network for their time, help and brilliance.

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2 Responses to Character Costumes for World Book Week. Beautiful Butterfly.

  1. hannah says:

    Great idea! For more ideas on how to celebrate World Book Day pop over to my facebook page @hannah’s books xx

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