Character Costumes for World Book Week. Rainbow Fish

It’s World Book Day Week on our blog and each day we will be bringing you another brilliant costume to make thanks to our fantastic parent bloggers. Today Rebecca from Here Come the Girls shows you how to make this utterly brilliant Rainbow Fish costume.


Rainbow Fish Costume

by Rebecca from Here Come the Girls

rainbow fish

I love World Book Day. I know it can cause a headache for parents who don’t like to make costumes but I think it’s great to have a day devoted to the love of books. The first year when my daughter was in nursery I bought a costume – there are some brilliant ones in the supermarkets and it did make it less stressful.

Last year I really wanted to make a costume. Our favourite book at the time was The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. This is a really beautiful book suitable for infant aged children. The pictures are stunning and it teaches the lesson of sharing in a sweet accessible way.

I thought it would make a great costume, but I’m not the best at sewing. So I came up with this. There is sewing involved but it is all hidden so it doesn’t matter if, like me, you are a bit messy with your stitches. This was fairly cheap to make, especially if you have some material already. It took me one evening to make – around 3 hours from start to finish. It was worth it. The costume was so bright and cheerful and just a bit different!

rainbow felt

You need:

Rainbow coloured felt
Shiny silver material
Old T-shirt
Alice band
Sewing kit

First cut the felt into scale shapes. This is the part children can help you with and it’s really nice if they can help to make their costume!


Next I placed the felt into position in lines, starting from the bottom. With a simple running stitch I sewed the felt onto the t-shirt so they overlapped. It’s easiest to take a line at a time and just be careful not to go through both sides of the T-shirt. At the top of the T-shirt put the felt in lines around the hole for the head and take a bit more care with the sewing as this part will be seen.

I only sewed scales onto the front of the T-shirt – which meant it was easy to sit down in – essential when you’re at school all day.


To make the headband we cut the felt into long strips about 5mm in width. This is brilliant to get the children to help you with as it’s really easy. Tie onto an Alice band and trim the ends so it looks neat.

Rainbow fish

Now I just need to work out what to make for this year!

profile picture

Rebecca is a teacher turned stay-at-home Mum to three girls (a five year old and two year old twins) and blogs at Here Come the Girls which is full of crafts, cooking and chaos.

She also writes an online story for kids called A Child Like Me which you and your child can read for free!

Follow her adventures with her girls on twitter or Facebook.


Find loads more dressing up and costume ideas for World Book Day over on Netmums and when you’ve made/found your children’s costumes we would love to see them so be sure to add them to our Costume Gallery. Each day this week we will be bringing you another great costume to make so check back each day. Huge thanks to the wonderful bloggers all from our Parent Bloggers Network for their time, help and brilliance.

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9 Responses to Character Costumes for World Book Week. Rainbow Fish

  1. Chris Mosler says:

    Oh this is so sweet! I wish I’d seen this when mine were a bit younger, my Bonus Boy and my daughter loved the Rainbow Fish!

  2. whatistaste says:

    Such a wonderful book and such a great costume idea!

  3. Liz Burton says:

    This is so gorgeous.

    I bet the other mums will be seething with envy! x

  4. 1978rebecca says:

    Thanks for using my Rainbow Fish costume. I was pleased that it worked as I’m not a great seamstress.
    Looking foreword to seeing all the other ideas.

  5. Suzanne says:

    This is beautiful! Any ideas for older boys??! Please!!

  6. Keep checking as we have a good one for older boys coming up later in the week or check our What about character from The Hunger Games? Or dress as a Hobbit (pixie ears from joke shop?)

  7. Mandy says:

    How clever are you??? I would love to be able to make my DDs own costumes!

  8. For my boys I am trying to make a slimy slug costume. I am thinking black tights and tight black t-shirt with a slimy glittery trail / tail tied around the waist. The only bit I am having to ‘make’ is the head piece that I am stuffing with wadding and sticking googly eyes onto to make feelers!!! I have just uploaded it to the gallery…. My inspiration are the slimy slugs from the book!

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