The annual costume drama of World Book Day strikes again!

We all know it’s coming, we all love the idea of it and all it stands for…BUT yet again when the annual letters come home asking your children to dress as a character from a book for World Book Day (March 7th) even the most stoic and organised mum can start quaking at the knees.

World Book Day

If you’re new to World Book Day dress-up days it can all be a bit daunting – especially if you’re a bit crap at sewing/face painting/thinking of costume ideas. If your child is a bit older you’ve probably used up all your best/easiest costume ideas already.

And yet rustle up another costume (or 2, 3..) we must and so the annual costume drama begins….

To ease your pain a little we’ve put together some top tips and ideas:

  • Flip the thinking process on its head – Dig out a costume you already have in the dressing-up box and THEN find a book that fits. So if you’ve got a cat costume you can dress your child as Mog, Gobbolino or the Cheshire Cat. Sorted! Loads of Halloween costumes can be reused in this way too – Room on the Broom, Worst Witch, Skeleton from Funny Bones…
  • Think jamas/nighties – they can work for all sorts of costumes – The Darlings from World Book Day costumesPeter Pan, Sophie from the BFG, Laura from Laura’s Star – just make or add a few choice accessories to complete the look.
  • Re-jig a school uniform – there are so many books about school children – embellish a school uniform and add accessories – e.g. add a cloak for pupil from Hogwarts, a straw hat for St Trinians..
  • Think Hunger Games…If you need a new idea think of new books that have been released and so haven’t been done to death for World Book Day. If you have older kids what about a character from The Hunger Games – you can cobble a quick and easy costume (brown leggings, top) with toy bow and arrow and plaited hair for Katniss or go all out with vivid wigs, fabric and face paint for someone like Effie Trinket.
  • Think outside the box Browse the bookshelves for more unusual ideas – there are so many you can choose. For example green clothes with underpants for an Alien in Underpants, Make a giant cardboard tabard and go as the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka…Grab a plastic bucket, fill with toy dinos and go as Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs…
  • Nick someone else’s idea! – Browse our costume gallery for some fabulous tried and tested ideas from previous World Book Days  – there are some fab costumes here.

Here are all the top tips put together with some costume ideas in one handy place.

Here are a few ideas from our gallery to inspire you…(Click on an image to scroll through the gallery) and we have plenty more in our Costume Gallery and our Dressing Up pages on Netmums. And if that’s not enough we’ve got some fantastic parent bloggers who will be showing you how to make and create some simple but brilliant costumes each day this week on our blog so be sure to check back each day.

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6 Responses to The annual costume drama of World Book Day strikes again!

  1. I wrote about this last week – we did a great Saucepan Man one year with a bit of card, a stapler and some tin foil!

  2. Mama Owl says:

    Great minds think alike, lots of good ideas there. I posted mine last week with a pick of my son as ‘Funny Bones’ 🙂

  3. I am so rubbish at fancy dress costumes I am bookmarking this thank you x

  4. Libby says:

    … and of course if you are really stuck there is always the Dressing Up Chest ;o)

  5. JAson says:

    Some great ideas, there. Of course you missed out buying costumes, there are some great sales on around this time specifically with world book day in mind. SO always worth shopping around

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