Blog of the Week – Ten ways with Turkey leftovers

Blog_of_the_week_badgeThis weeks Blog of the Week is from the wonderful Frugal Family who always has plenty of ideas for helping us  stretch our pennies a little further – which  almost all of us could do with post Christmas!

This week she’s helping us use all those turkey leftovers up with some great menu ideas. Read on to be inspired…



The majority of us will have turkey leftovers to use up over the next few days – some of us (I’m thinking of me here) have so much to use up that it would be easy to live on turkey for the rest of the week and still have some left!

Turkey Leftovers #1 – Christmas Dinner Sandwich
You can’t beat a Christmas Dinner leftovers sandwich – you can go for the simple turkey and stuffing version or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can go all out by adding in some sliced roasties and whatever else you happen to have left along with a little warmed up gravy.

Turkey Leftovers #2 – Turkey Curry
I made a turkey curry a little while ago using turkey and sweet potato and it was delicious. You could make a similar version using your leftover turkey and roasties. You could even add in any leftover vegetables – just add them in at the end to warm them so they don’t go mushy.

Turkey Leftovers #3 – Lemon Turkey Pappadelle Pasta
I made this a little while ago and I chose the Pappadelle pasta to use with it because it looked like more fun to eat that regular pasta shapes but you could use any pasta you like really. Lemon turkey pappadelle pasta is a really quick and easy meal and it’s quite light so ideal for when you’ve over indulged at this time of year!

Turkey Leftovers #4 – Stir Fry
I wrote a post a little while ago asking for some stir fry ideas and some of the comments were great – well worth a look for some flavour inspiration. This week, to keep it simple, I have my usual ingredients along with leftover turkey and I’ll be using some sweet chilli and ginger sauce with it – simply because that’s what I have in as I was using it for something else last week.

Turkey Leftovers #5 – Homemade Pizza 
We often have homemade pizzas for tea. They’re not only delicious, cheap and easy, they’re also fun to make together and really diverse as you can use up whatever you have in the fridge. We have some tinned pineapple in the cupboard so we might try turkey and pineapple for a festive version of a Hawaiian pizza.

Turkey Leftovers #6 – Christmas Pie
This is something I’ve never tried but one of my friends has it every year for tea on Boxing Day. Add your turkey (or whatever meat you have) into the bottom of a pie dish along with all of your leftover vegetables. Dot about any stuffing and then cover in gravy. It just needs a quick mix and then you can top it with mashed potato. Pop it in the oven until it’s warmed through and the mash is a little crispy on top.

Turkey Leftovers #7 – Paella
We love Paella and have it regularly although we often have a simplified version without the prawns.  We’ve never made it with Turkey but I don’t think it will taste much different as the main flavours come from the herbs and spices that go in to the pan.

Turkey Leftovers #8 – Risotto
Risotto is one of my favourite quick and easy meals – especially my oven baked version. I’ve made this with turkey a few times and it’s delicious, especially with a little bit of chopped cooked bacon added in.

Turkey Leftovers #9 – Jambalaya

Jambalaya is another one of my favourites – I’m seeing a pattern here. All my favourite foods seem to have something to do with rice. Although it’s usually made with chicken and prawns (I think), I’ve made this with other meats like pork and turkey leftovers before and it tastes just as nice.

Turkey Leftovers #10 – Turkey Egg Fried Rice
This is a really easy recipe – just heat some oil in a frying pan and add in your turkey pieces, when it’s cooked through add some rice and a beaten egg (or two depending on how much rice you’re using) and some dark soy sauce. Stir it all together and cook until the egg has set. That’s it! You can add more ingredients depending on what you have in but it’s lovely just with turkey.

So there you go, my ten ideas to use up your turkey leftovers.


For even more leftovers inspiration pop over to our dedicated Christmas leftovers area on Netmums.

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