The night before Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve! Perhaps the most exciting night of the year with all the anticipation and christmas eveexcitement that lies ahead?

Many families have their own Christmas Eve traditions – whether it’s snuggling in front of the TV to watch The Snowman, a trip to the panto or family meal with crackers (snappy ones not the biscuits) as a taste of what’s to come.

The children fizz with excitement (which can make bedtimes trickier than usual – but there’s always that old chestnut of ‘Santa will only come if you’re good and you are sleeping soundly’ to take out of your weaponry and use at the crucial point)

Stockings are hung (actually – does anyone actually ‘hang’ them these days? They are more often plonked on the end of the bed or lain down wonkily by the fireplace or sellotaped to the mantlepiece but then they fall down when the first gift is stuffed into the toe…)

eggnog (apparently)

eggnog (apparently)

And then parents place the carefully chosen and wrapped (or harriedly bought on line at the last hour and only taken in that very same morning after days of stalking the postie) presents under the tree. Perhaps carols and Christmas songs are playing…you’re wearing a Christmas jumper with a drink of eggnog in hand (actually what is eggnog? Does anyone under the age of 85 actually know what it is let alone savour a tipple of it?)….

And there’s often a moment when you sit back and survey the scene and feel a bit of that Christmas magic too when you imagine the children’s faces as they wake to see the pile of gifts and bulging stockings and the bite in the mince pie and carrot they left out for Father Christmas! Here at Team Netmums we believe that however stressy and expensive and knackering the whole run up to Christmas is – once you get to Christmas Eve (and the shops are shut so you have to stop) then you can’t help but pause for a minute and capture the magic in the air.

So drink up your eggnog and then get to bed…chances are the big day will start at some unearthly hour and because it’s Christmas you can’t be grumpy and ask the children to get their own breakfasts whilst you have a lie in!

One more sleep til Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!


Check out our Christmas Eve gallery and get ready to Ho Ho Ho with our Netmums Santa Kit. And if you’re in a bit of a flap about all that turkey and sprouts shenanigans then arm yourself with our Christmas meal planner and then you can sit back and relax once more. Have a lovely happy Christmas from all at Team Netmums.

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