Christmas Craft Week – Painted Flower Pots

Making Christmas presents always gives me a happy heart, there is something very special about giving a gift which has been made with love and is unique to its receiver so I’m delighted to be guest posting here at Netmums today! I’m Chris and you can usually find me blogging at Thinly Spread (about life with 4 children aged from 6 to 16, stretched but not snapped!), Climbing Rainbows (about creative learning) and Life is Delicious (about living the veggie life). I love crafting, cooking and gardening and many of the Christmas gifts I make come from my kitchen, but today I want to share a home and garden craft to cheer up those dark winter days and bring a suggestion of spring. homemade christmas presents These really couldn’t be simpler to make, but I warn you – they become addictive, you may find it impossible to throw away a ring pull bean tin ever again! You will need:

  • Ring pull food cans (I’ve used baked bean tins for the taller pots and chestnut tins for the squatter ones here)
  • Acrylic paint (I used Windsor and Newton Galeria in Pale Olive, Pale Violet, Windsor Violet, Powder Blue, Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Medium and Opera Rose)
  • Paint brushes
  • Cyclamen plants, primroses or spring bulbs
  • Compost
  • Small stones or gravel
  • A drill or nail and hammer


  • Wash and thoroughly dry your tins
  • Drill or nail punch a few drainage holes into the bottom of the tin (sand off any sharp edges if necessary but if you punch or drill inwards this shouldn’t be needed)
  • Paint a base coat of acrylic paint onto the tin, allow to dry and then apply a second coat
  • Once the second coat has dried completely you can paint on your flowers. I penciled my design on faintly first as the ridges in the tin can throw you off course so a guideline helps! Allow to dry.
  • Sprinkle a layer of gravel into the tin, then some compost.
  • Nestle your spring flowers into place
  • Water lightly

If you are giving these as a Christmas gift you can tie some Christmas ribbon around the top of the tin and pop on a gift label. It is also a good idea to give them with a saucer (I picked up a huge mixed batch at our local auction house for a couple of pounds!). These tins will naturally rust over time, a saucer underneath will protect windowsills and tables from damage. homemade christmas Of course, if they are going outside, there is no need for a saucer at all! Children love making these too so share the tin love! Do keep an eye on Thinly Spread for more Christmas tin ideas coming in the next couple of weeks and check out my weekly Festive Friday feature where lots of bloggers link up their crafty and creative ideas over the run up to Christmas!

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4 Responses to Christmas Craft Week – Painted Flower Pots

  1. These are so fun and pretty. Love the recycled element and they are great for those gloomy Jan/ Feb months. Fabulous.

  2. Liz Burton says:

    These look SO pretty. I keep loads of tins but I’ve never thought to paint them.

  3. am going to keep some tins and have a go would look so good after christmas when all the house looks drab would brighten it all up thanks for sending me this

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