Christmas Craft Week – Handmade crayon shapes

A perfect toddler gift: a thrifty jar of handmade crayon shapes

Hello, I am Lucy of Lulastic and the Hippyshake. I love to craft, and more often than not my crafts have a thrifty theme. It’s not just because I am a scrooge; I reckon there is a magical creativity about recycling and making things out of odds and ends and bits and bobs. (Although, to be honest, I am a bit of a cheapskate too.)

I am always on the look out for gifts I can create that are lovely and frugal, but finding ideas for toddlers that fit these categories can be Well Hard. The tots in my life all seem to be obsessed with characters from telly, and building a Buzz Lightyear out of loo rolls and some pasta isn’t going to win anyone the Best Loved Aunty Award.

However, I THINK I may have found the answer….

I found a few manky crayons in a gutter the other day, on the way to the park. I picked them up (by no means the nastiest thing I have fished out of a gutter) to try that Melty Thing. It is a genius idea; crayons get so quickly get broken/ pick up a layer of muck that every family house probably has a stash in disfavour. You can give them a new lease of life with a bit of melting into shapes action.

I have a few cool shaped ice trays, I always pick them up in charity shops and car boots and I use them for resin craft,  (Well, I did try, um, baking in the elephant shape one and melted half of it. Really, come on, they look JUST like the silicon muffin numbers.)

Here’s How To:

And some extra pointers:

I oiled the shapes first, to help them pop out easier.

They take about 40 sec to melt, I kept them moving all the time.

I worked from light/ similar colours to dark so that I didn’t have to clean the pan much inbetween.

They take about 30 minutes to dry solid in a cold place (my kitchen table)

The ones that I filled less than 1 centimetre broke as I popped them out – so don’t be stingy with the liquid!

You will need White Spirit to clean out your ice trays and pans, so do use ones you don’t use for consumption anymore!

I am hoarding jars for my Christmas gifts-  it must be THE thriftiest way of giving nice gifts, if you too have a penchant for keeping jars you must read this other post:

18 ways to upcycle old jars.

Jampacked (sorry, couldn’t resist!) with Christmas decoration and gift options.

Thanks for having me!

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11 Responses to Christmas Craft Week – Handmade crayon shapes

  1. mummyoftwo2 says:

    What a great idea, my lo is growing out of wax crayons now but we have family members and friends with younger children and this would be a great way to use his old crayons rather than throwing them away!

  2. Wonderful and thrifty homemade Christmas idea! I do love the recycling element of this!

  3. Liz Burton says:

    Ahh they look amazing. You’d never know you’d picked them up in the gutter haha! I think you might possibly be even trampier than me x

  4. nicky hanc says:

    They look great and brilliant way of recycling, you could do similar candles, soaps or massage bars for adults too.

  5. pauline acton says:

    loved these they were so cool needed some thick crayons as the wee skinny ones are no good for the little ones hands thanks again for this

  6. I’ve never made these, I really should they look so pretty!

  7. lulastic says:

    Thanks for your lovely comments!!!

    (Well, apart from Liz- TRAMPY??!!! Outrageous!! Jokes :p )

  8. who you may have changed my life yes and its for the better thanks id love to have a go at these

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  10. Chris Mosler says:

    Now I know what to do with all those old manky bits! Great gift idea for little ones!

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